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  1. I like salvatory because of his attitude.
  2. I would go for mafia sentail it has got some good speed.
  3. I forgot what was it called it was the one where cj had to rob a house.
  4. Well you would not get it for free anyware but you can get it for cheep on ebay.
  5. It is possible the way i did it was i got the flying cheat from google then i flyed it there but when you get to it you will have to land slowly.So you dont crash and then when your passed the red line lift your car and go back flying then it is not hard landing.
  6. There are many guns that i like but the best one that i like is a mini gun.
  7. My favorite car is cheetain grand theft auto vice city.
  8. I kill golfers with rocket launcher.
  9. I like the rocket laucher because as it hits it does lots of damage.
  10. I like to wear every clothes but i am crazy over the prolaps tracksuit.
  11. I like Las venturas because there is more stuff to do there.
  12. If you want that mod look at http://www.gta-downloads.com/ i am not sure if it would be there.
  13. I would like to have another character but it feels as if even this time it will be tommy like grand theft auto liberity city srories.
  14. drive planes eat shops full of clothes go inside every buildings have 4 island
  15. I wish vice city stories do come out this year but i did not know they might also release sanandreas stories.
  16. Yes even i seen that car roll down i think it might be a special effect.
  17. I also like shotgun because the person dies in one shot.
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