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  1. Isn't this just another way of asking where you would want the next GTA to take place, which is a thread that's been done only about 1000 times here already?
  2. Buttlord

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    I really want to be able to throw people through windows when fist fighting. And midgets. If they could combine the two, that would be even better.
  3. Buttlord

    GTA 5 ideas

    Two words: More Interiors. Way more. I want to be able to walk into the liquor store and either rob it, or buy some alcohol.
  4. Buttlord

    making all real

    I actually could see having a fuel tank. It may add some interesting nuances to missions that involve driving long distances such as having to manage your fuel and your stops. But the turn signal? WTF? Who the hell cares about that? Also, one thing I see getting talked about a lot is having real car brands and models with the real names in the game. What those kids, who undoubtedly watch Fast & the Furious way too much, don't understand is that having the fake names immerses the player in the game world more than having the real names. It keeps the theme consistent. For example, they had an Area 51 type facility in San Andreas that was called Area 69. They had a radio show called the Tight End Zone. How much fun would be taken out of the game if they didn't have this kind of satire and opted to make everything the same as its real world counterpart? That's why they do the same thing with the cars. You're not supposed to be in our universe when you're playing. You're supposed to be in the GTA universe.
  5. Did anyone notice the brick texture on the building looks like shit in this picture? What's the deal with that?
  6. There are actually people on IGN bitching about how bad the graphics are and I quote "Especially for next gen..." I'm pretty sure these are the same people who thought the graphics on Halo 3 looked great.
  7. Yeah it was juggalo My tolerance for people acting like Buttlord is fading fast, I will not change my name as I like it and its an inside joke. I wont change to somwthing pointless so idiots wont moan about it. I'm not telling you to change your name. I'm merely pointing out the hypocrasy of not wanting to kill animals in the game because it's wrong in real life, while still wanting the ability to kill humans in the game despite it also being wrong in real life. Anyway, I thought this forum might be cool when I first joined. It turns out just about everyone here has the IQ of a carrot, so this is the last you'll hear from Buttlord.
  8. Obviously you are incorrect because I don't kill people in animals in real life. I can separate fantasy from reality, which is why I would never have a problem with it in a video game. But if you have a problem with killing animals in a video game because you don't like it in real life, then the same should apply to people, regardless if it's on a mission or not because you've already set the precedent that what you don't consider okay in real life, you also don't consider okay in a video game. I, on the other hand consider things that are not okay in real life to be okay in video games. Thus, you are a blatant hypocrit and your opinion holds little to no value. There's even a textbook logical flaw for what you are doing and it's called compartmentalization. Look it up and stop making dumbass e-threats.
  9. Its wierd to quote yourself. Dont you get bitchy with me as I will go into one. I am NOT a hyporcrite for having this as my name and I have every right to have this as my name. I am against it being in games as it could promote animal cruelty. I say this as animals cruetly is hardly punishable which is a appalling so its easily done. I dont think gta promotes murder as thats stupid to say. To me animlas are defenceless against the human race and I dont want to play a game where a defencless animal is getting mauled for entertainment. DO NOT call me a hypocrite because of my name as Im sick of it. DO NOT get snidy with me as I will not be impressed and will go into one. I'm not calling you a hyporcit because of your name. I'm just saying I was confused about your name. I never said GTA promotes murder. But there is murder in the game. Here's a little logic for you. If you are against killing animals in video games because you are against the murder of animals in real life, then you must be against killing humans in video games, UNLESS, you are not against the murder of humans in real life. You can change the subject all you want, but the fact remains that you can either disagree and say that you are NOT against killing humans in real life, or that you are a hypocrit.
  10. Here's a tip: Don't name youself "I just shot a bear" if you're against shooting bears. Also, Don't expect people who are new to the forum to search the whole thing just to learn the origin of your mysterious name. And I don't care why you're against animal cruelty because I am too. Are you against murder? Because I am. But not in video games. So why would animal creulty be any different? Can you answer that?
  11. That is disgusiting and sick and if that ever happened I would vow never to play that game ever and would complain about it. Who would ever want to kill a dog with a rocket launcher, I think its sick and should never be allowed on games. Sorry if this offends anyone. I'm pretty sure you're a gimmick since your name is I just shot a bear.
  12. How about cow tipping with an AK47?
  13. I don't know why everyone thinks this. There are games out there where you kill animals. Even free raoming games, like gun, in which you kill animals. So far animal rights groups haven't had a problem with that. There are also numerous hunting games in which you shoot animals. So I really don't think animal rights groups are going to be a problem. For Christ's sake you can kill people in the game. I'm not saying that killing animals is any less appauling, but the fact is that the majority of the public does look at it that way. So in short: Animals in GTA - yes. Pets in GTA - I wouldn't care either way. The ability to kill the animals as well as anything else that moves - yes.
  14. As well as no loading to enter buildings
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