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  1. Miffmeister


    Touche Rockstar... To-chzei...
  2. Miffmeister

    Sniper Rifles

    I don't have any issues with the Lazer sight, instead of seeing the lazer dot just spray as fast as you can until the target is dead.
  3. Miffmeister

    Favorite Weapon

    Actually, I like the Kruger, I had never heard about it b4 I played Vice City. It's good to have different weapons instead of the usual AK42-47 weapon as the counter weapon to M4.
  4. Miffmeister

    Who is your most hated person in GTA Vice city: ?

    Mnjeh, i don't hate em - I love all characters in VC, they've all got great personalities. BUT I didint like Ricardo Diaz alot... - Tough You got to kill him anyway So it doesent matter... *laughes for myself*... Short fat guy that can't operate a VHS... those were the times...
  5. Miffmeister

    What is your favourite outfit?

    ... I don't like the special outfits ^^ I get mad when i accidently use a shirt sign, so i have to go to my safe house and get street clothes on again...
  6. Miffmeister

    Anyone still play vicecity?

    I found my VC cd for about 3 weeks ago, played trough the game a couple of times, and then looked into modding, havent learnt alot, Tough it's a great game and I can see myself playing it alot in the future... ...Cosmic
  7. Miffmeister

    Player Models/Mods

    ...Use 3dsmax and start of with a box, shape it as you want it to be aaaaaaaand... put a skin on it the normal way. - There's alot of trainers on the internet... google 'em
  8. Miffmeister

    How do you do that?

    ...OK- Im not saying that i kno alot about model making - and I dont kno alot about model making, but... You should create a model in 3dmax(Good program), start off with a box or something and shape it to a person. Really hard work actully.
  9. Miffmeister

    Tommy as "The Joker" skin

    Haha, Joker from Batman, nice 1!
  10. Miffmeister

    Dffs and txds

    Go to properties on all the files & folders in the Grand theft auto Vice City folder and uncheck "Read only" Then it should work, but don't use replace almost never works. Just delete and add the files afterwards.
  11. Miffmeister

    Help with making skins?

    Thnx mate, Ive done some test skins and some real skins, ive uploaded a file: 'nam skins I dunno if there is a screenshot on it, but i uploaded 1. so it should b there. Anyho, i posted it here too. (Screenshot)
  12. Miffmeister

    Help with making skins?

    Hi all - I'm gonna make a skin for Tommy, and I was wondering if there is a trainer for how to make one - - Or isit just that simple, i have to change the orignal skin on a program and use the texture_guide file as help? - If so, I'm sorry for troubling you
  13. Miffmeister

    Introduce Yourself..

    Hi everyone, Is this forum still alive? ^^ I'm new, just joined cus i need help with making skins, it might be easy - tough i have no idea. Anyho, call me Miff.