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  1. LOL VC KICKED ASS. You are probebly an SA fan cause every SA fan hates VC.
  2. The VCS Logo sorta gives it away that it'll be in the 80's again...IT LOOKS LIKE A NEON SIGN. Neon signs were big in the 80's...DUH
  3. Oh yeah i got a "patch" on the whole GTA III - VC thing with my radio theory. See in GTA III They mentioned Carcer City, which was the location to a R* game, and fans thought that'd be the next location. Thats where i think R* got the radio hinting idea from...from the fans. They started this thing on VC not GTA III...at least thats what i think.
  4. Damn right! Those street gangs are weak as hell.
  5. I would like anything besides stupid street gangs like Grove Street, Ballas, Sharks, Yardies ect. I thought they were stupid and weak. I wouldnt mind having a Cartel or Cuban gang as the main characters group. I liked the whole Mafia thing and wouldnt mind having that again.
  6. I would like car mod shops but not like SA which was like NFS which i thought was really stupid, I want it like a GTA mod shop where you can get unpopable tires, fire proof, indestructable ect. I would also like more costumes and no not cloths shops, just costumes already thought up for us to go and get like the way VC and LCS was with clothing...I think its better. I want swimming basically the same reason why ArturKim21 wanted it...the "Vice City is 1/3 of water" thing...I would also like a bigger variety of properties to purchase like what easa306 said. I'll post more later.
  7. This is my friends 3 year theory VC - 1986 VCS - 1989 SA - 1992 SAS - 1995 <<<<San An Stories or something like it LCS - 1998 GTA III - 2001 it fits so far....I also got things to back up why VCS would be in 1989...at least why it would be after 1986...people say it'll be before 86 cause LCS was based before our last visit to LC in GTA III...THATS THE MOST STUPID REASON EVER.
  8. I think that it will be after 86' and that we will see Tommy in the game in some way, hopfully not in a body bag. There are more questions to be answered, such as why Tommy didnt answer that phone call Ken made in 92' in SA...that cant be answered if its before 86'. My guess is 1989 for the year. But yeah i think Tommy will appear in VCS and im hoping his Criminal Empire held up...after everyone left VC like Avery, Ken, Kent, Phil ect.
  9. Claud cant talk cause he was shot in the back causing him to become "Mute". There are more questions to be answered after 86' so it wont be before 86'...at least thats what i think...Why would Rockstar add in the Phone conversation between Ken and the "mystery" person over the phone talking about Tommy if they werent gonna answer in a later game why Tommy doesnt or couldnt talk to Ken.
  10. Yeah i know that...I even have a radio theory about them mentioning the next cities in their present games. Ill make a new topic but i dont know where to post it cause there isnt a GTA General forum.
  11. Lance, Sonny and Diaz are dead....And i dont think VCS is gonna be before 86' There are more questions to be answered after 86' then before. I think it'll be in 87'-89'.
  12. I was the guy that told him that it was mentioned in LCS and IT WAS!!! I never said you go to VC in a mission but i did say it was mentioned on the radio.
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