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  1. GTAFlashfire


    Wednesday, August 25, 2049: I first saw this site 3 years ago.
  2. GTAFlashfire

    23, check it out!

    Looks like it'll be really good, heres the youtube trailer: The Number 23
  3. GTAFlashfire

    Im On GOOGLE!

    I looked gtaflashfire up and got 0 results. I looked flashfire up and got 3680 results.
  4. GTAFlashfire

    Pets in GTA

    I seriously doubt it, this is GTA not the sims.
  5. GTAFlashfire

    Big Community Thread

    Hahaha, my one teacher is still worse, he gives random students that he doesn't know or have lessons with wet willies! Strangely enough he only does it to chicks........ mmm I wonder wots going on there.
  6. GTAFlashfire

    help! my gta games gone crazy!

    Try dusting your graphics card off at least once a century...
  7. GTAFlashfire

    Gta Tags

    People can use Google buddy.
  8. GTAFlashfire

    Help me if you can

  9. GTAFlashfire

    Whats your favourite mission in sa

    Probably re-uniting the families
  10. GTAFlashfire

    do your parents get mad cuz u play gta

    So your parents are yuppies
  11. GTAFlashfire

    Will YOU be bidding?

    I don't think it's fake...
  12. GTAFlashfire

    Zero Calorie French Fries Redux

    Another of RyanVG's crackpot ideas. I guess they're fun to rip-off though.
  13. GTAFlashfire


    Go as a pimp! That's a new idea!
  14. GTAFlashfire


    And she'll probably make you put eyeliner on... KEKEKE!
  15. GTAFlashfire


    OMG, not another one... I live in South Africa not the dark ages! We have computers, television, cellphones, ipods, modded cars, everything you've got in over there! The only difference is that our country is still developing and we have alot of poverty. America isn't the only place in the world with technology, pornography and proper sanitation you know.