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  1. Wednesday, August 25, 2049: I first saw this site 3 years ago.
  2. Looks like it'll be really good, heres the youtube trailer: The Number 23
  3. I looked gtaflashfire up and got 0 results. I looked flashfire up and got 3680 results.
  4. I seriously doubt it, this is GTA not the sims.
  5. Hahaha, my one teacher is still worse, he gives random students that he doesn't know or have lessons with wet willies! Strangely enough he only does it to chicks........ mmm I wonder wots going on there.
  6. Try dusting your graphics card off at least once a century...
  7. Go as a pimp! That's a new idea!
  8. And she'll probably make you put eyeliner on... KEKEKE!
  9. OMG, not another one... I live in South Africa not the dark ages! We have computers, television, cellphones, ipods, modded cars, everything you've got in over there! The only difference is that our country is still developing and we have alot of poverty. America isn't the only place in the world with technology, pornography and proper sanitation you know.
  10. And rewarding, so what if you passed the game by cheating?! But if you did it without then well-done.
  11. You mean that buggy-tank-APC thingy?
  12. Just do the missions! I nearly broke my keyboard but I still did it after enough attempts! Seriously try not to cheat people!
  13. I live in South Africa so we don't really celebrate holloween or do trick or treating.
  14. My parents don't care, I guess they just don't wanna know but even if they did know what happens in GTA games; they know I'm not gonna do something just because I saw it in GTA.
  15. I think a man's most valuable assets are A: His genitalia and B: His Pride. Beat those MFkers sensless.
  16. I'm with Jace, I'll try 11 out as soon as I can download it and if I like it I'll stick with it till the final is out...
  17. Brass Knuckles, switchblade knife, gun of any sort. Voila! Problem solved!
  18. If I lived in Alaska I'd spend the money on nothin but jerseys and jackets.
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