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  1. Ping

    Worst Game Ever!

    How can you say that about Need for Speed? Most Wanted and Carbon rocks!
  2. Ping

    Fav Next Gen Console?

    I like the Wii the best, but I haven't played a PS3 yet, outside of a game demo.
  3. Ping

    What year should it be based in?

    The same year of it's release: 2007
  4. Ping

    Favorite Radio Station

    I think I'll go with V Rock. Whenever I check the radio stations, I seem to use V Rock the most.
  5. Ping

    Favorite Gang and Gang Car

    Favorite Gang: I'll go with Cubans considering they are the only real gang that doesn't attack you (unless you attack them, of course). Vance Crime Family is only made up of two people and I don't know who the Trailer Park Mafia is. Favorite Gang car: Cholo Sabre. Enough said.
  6. Speaking a female character, I wouldn't mind seeing Catalina as a main character.
  7. Thanks. I'm glad they made a gang improvement like this.
  8. Ping

    Fav Gta Game?

    Hey, how about an order of you favorite to least favorite GTA? Here's mine: Vice City Stories Vice City San Andreas Liberty City Stories GTA3 I haven't played any of the 2D games, so I can't include them.
  9. So I hear that gangs in VCS will eventually stop shooting? Is that true?
  10. Ping

    vice shity stories?

    What are you talking about? This isn't even meant to be the same as Vice City for PS2. This game is great.
  11. Ping

    Fav Gta Game?

    My favorite was Vice City. Now it's Vice City Stories.
  12. Ping


    Just be glad that the aren't in VCS. In Vice City, they always shot at you.
  13. I would like to see a playable female character for once.
  14. I always only use cheats for fun and not to help towards 100%. It will be no different in this game.