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  1. Why not! Everyone should come.

  2. Bear

    Wiki it lol.

  3. Bear

    Staying in Brighton, just a new house. But I will be moving to Cardiff in September. What classes are you thinking of doing?

  4. Bear

    I went on holiday to Rome which was fun and I am moving next week. How are your holidays?

  5. Bear

    Why hello there Toxic. How are you?

  6. We clearly are, we shall rule the world together! <3

  7. hey, you changed your name! Woohhoo! I thought I should comment. How are you <3

  8. I'm good, just doing Christmas shopping. haha what fun!

  9. Bear

    Hello :) How are you

  10. We wanted to be by the seaside. We moved in September. Also its the gay capital of Europe I think.

  11. I'm good, I now live by the seaside. Yay giant seagulls!

  12. RAWR! How are you?

  13. Who would care if it was in a lesbian way. Love Yellow Jacket in the non lesbian too <3

  14. Meh a bit of stalking can't hurt us :P

  15. Hey, I'm here. Just havent been as active recently :(

  16. Yay you won the hottest member ^_^ Im so happy that you got it <3

  17. I voted for you, fingers crossed you win ^_^

  18. Not much, how about you?

  19. I rated you a 5 <3 I did that when those idiots rated you down for disagreeing ^_^

  20. @ Silb: Jealous are we :P Well if I were you I would be as well thats Sky and he is sexy otherwise he wouldnt win the award.

  21. Hello Jacket that is yellow ^_^


  22. Its human size so its like having Charlie in my room :P its actually about 20 cms tall and thats the whole display. x

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