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  1. So few days ago or so, i tried to change my funny cat avatar (im sure you remember it ) to a funny Nibbler avatar. I browsed it and pressed ''update avatar'' and it showed that the new avatar is too big etc. No biggy I thought, I just had to make the new av smaller. I assumed that my cat is still there, considering that the new avatar wasn't uploaded cause of its size. Turns out my cat was gone. Not that this is a big problem, but someone could fix this maybe Oh and a little idea of mine - It would be cool if there were a little flag of each member's nationality under avatar, just a little handy feature how to spot a same language speaking lad.
  2. Are you into G1 transformers only? I like the Beast Wars too, Meg pwns them all :D and yeah the movie is awesome.

  3. QuickDeath

    What are you listening to right now?

    Xzibit - West coast hip hop
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    Few suggestions

    Choose the flag you feel like is yours
  5. QuickDeath

    What's in a name?

    I play violent games a lot (POP, Halo, COD, FarCry, etc) so this name seemed acceptable when I had to fill the nickname field in the beginning of these games, i dont bother writing my nickname here cause im not going to change it... ever. Av - the funnier the better, This one I made myself i love Nibbler (from futurama btw) he's so cute Sig - Im a member of Vm so.. And user bars reflect my interests.
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    Improved News Team

    Who wasnt? But then I remembered how lazy I am
  7. I just noticed your decepticons av that text in your sig :D YEY another transformers fan :thumbsup:

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    I need an avatar

    Cause I need MONEY
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    Holy cow 3 times a day! I ve done it 2 times a day, but just to see how many times i can , and the second time wasn't a big fun.
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    I need an avatar

    Thanks man edit: and one more
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  12. QuickDeath

    I need an avatar

    Another one
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    I need an avatar

  14. QuickDeath


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    I need an avatar

    Here you go, so if money is x then its 478 $ right?
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    New Trailer#2 Screens

    The guys name in whose flat Nico breaks in is B.Crone? Who's he? Nice realistic bullet holes Who's that scarface? Does it say ''Rockstar"' ?
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    Official Playstation Discussion

    Mainly FPS, read the article.
  18. QuickDeath

    Where do I put...

    My Documents/GTA San Andreas User files/
  19. QuickDeath

    Transformers - The Movie

    Well people who dont like sci fi movies probably will hate this one, also if you are not familiar with the whole transformers vs decepticons thing, it wont be as interesting as it was for me.
  20. QuickDeath

    Sig Rules

    lol you said it. Is mine too big?
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    Transformers - The Movie

    I saw it today too, AWESOME!! Thats the word for it. It was so sad when they tortured Bumblebee and later on he lost his legs, but the scene in Sam's backyard, where all autobots tried to hide from his parents was so funny
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    Official Playstation Discussion

    Thanks bud And it costs only 60 bucks
  23. QuickDeath

    Official Playstation Discussion

    I m thinking of buying PS3, so i wanted to ask PS3 owners one question - Can you connect mouse and keyboard to it and play games just as on pc? I mean both with USB cable, i know that PS3 supports bluetooth mouses and keyboards.
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    Now it got REAL bad cause I posted, so the next person who posts here will make it evil, EVIL I say!!!
  25. QuickDeath

    Post Your GTA4 Fan Art

    OGTAM boxart's layout is a bit better then yours MishoM, lines are too chaotic IMO, R* would make it more like OGTAM's. But good job anyways , and yours is antialiased so again.