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  1. But all of a sudden, a paranoid, crazy hobo came out from an alley and shanked Evan in the side. He stole his money and ran.
  2. 9000th post in fun and games. Not much of an achievement, but hey, its good enough for me.
  3. I would milk it dry and become as famous as I possiblely and humanly can. WWYDI I stole your Ipod, put it inside an incinerator, burned it to nothing, than gave you nothing for it?
  4. ^ Is right about me liking chicks in bikinis... < Has an obsession for Hershey Hugs. V Likes high fives!
  5. Roberto - reoplbnerrttyoo It's dark too, so I'm super drunk!
  6. I second that. Anyways I like rusty spoons You do know a girl, while doing you, could rape you, up the butt?
  7. Your Summer Ride is a Mustang Convertible You're out to experience the very best of summer. From the best beaches to the best tan, you want it all! What's Your Summer Ride? http://www.blogthings.com/whatsyoursummerridequiz/ Chyeah.
  8. Party? lol I don't know. WWYDI a girl raped you with a
  9. ...That is so...HOT! I mean *cough*nasty*cough* But seriously, that had to be set up. Nobody is that stupid to force themselves to fart, then shit themselves. Are they?
  10. In a Past Life... You Were: A Blind Magician. Where You Lived: Burma. How You Died: Killed in Battle. Who Were You In a Past Life? http://www.blogthings.com/pastlifegenerator/ A blind magician? That sounds like me.
  11. Disorder | Rating Paranoid: Moderate Schizoid: Low Schizotypal: Very High Antisocial: High Borderline: Moderate Histrionic: Very High Narcissistic: High Avoidant: Moderate Dependent: Moderate Obsessive-Compulsive: Low URL of the test: http://www.4degreez.com/misc/personality_disorder_test.mv URL for more info: http://www.4degreez.com/disorder/index.html Schizotypal: Well, no I don't think I'm that. Not like me. Histrionic: Yeah...basically me. I'm an attention whore. Antisocial: Nah. I steal, but I'm not antisocial. Narcissistic: I don't care about how I look. I wake up, throw on some clothes and I'm off. I don't do my hair or anything, but of course I have a buzzed cut so I can't really do anything.
  12. Well, the twist at the end is massive, for people who didn't watch the movie I ripped off... When it gets to that point, please excuse me. I had just watched a great movie and was kind of obsessing over it and it somehow got involved into the finale of the first saga. I deeply regret it, and I may re-write it for this forum, just so it isn't ruined. But I don't know. Maybe I can add it after the story, as an 'alternate ending' to the first saga. Chapter 8: It's All Down Hill From Here Wednesday November 24th, 2006. 5:13 P.M. Roberto pulls up to a broken down building. It is all tagged up, and dilapidated. He gets out of his car and walks up to the front door. The street is abandoned, no one is in sight. The sun is starting to go down. Roberto: It's been forever since I've been here. I'll call Mike once I get in. (Rings doorbell) I hope he's home. Stranger: (Yells to self) Quien estas a mi puerta? (Walks to the door) Who is it? Roberto: It's me Roberto. Stranger: Que?!?! It can't be. He live in Liberty now, mang. Roberto: Just open the door Uncle Umberto. Umberto: Fine. (Opens door) It is you! How've you been doing, mi sobreno? Roberto: Horrible. Joey now hates me, and probably has put a hit on my head. Umberto: Well, that ain't good. (Chuckles) Come in, come in. Roberto: (Walks in) Can I use your phone, I need to call someone. Umberto: Yeah, mi casa est tu casa. Second room on the left. Roberto: Thanks. (Heads into room and picks up phone) Okay, what was his number again? Oh yeah. (Dials number) Hey Mike. Mike: Where the hell are you? You said you wouldn't take long. It's been like five f*cking hours! Roberto: Sorry. That asshole Mr. Gray told Joey about my past. Mike: Well that sucks. Anyways, where are you? We need to leave as soon as we can. Roberto: I'm at my Uncle's house. Mike: I'll pick you up in an hour, is that good for you? Roberto: Yeah, it'll give me time to shower, eat, and rest. Mike: Okay, see you soon, I hope. (Hangs up) Roberto: Uncle, where's the bathroom? Umberto: It's 'cross the hall. Roberto: Thanks. Wednesday November 24th, 2006. 5:20 P.M. Tommy is pacing his office. He is worried about Roberto's well being, and what Joey is going to do. He finally decides on something. Tommy: Kelsey, get over here. Kelsey: (Runs into the office) Yeah daddy, what do you want? Tommy: I need you to find Roberto. He is still somewhere in Vice. I have a list of possible locations, go there and search, and see if you can find him. Kelsey: Okay. I'll be right back. (Runs out to garage) Tommy: Be careful honey. (Turns back around) Ken! I need you here. Ken: (Dashes into room) Yeah Tommy, what do you need? Tommy: Cancel the dinner appointment I had tonight, it seems I will not be able to attend. Ken: Right away. (Runs back out) Tommy: (Looks out window and thinks to himself) "Where are you Roberto? Is what Joey's saying really true?" Wednesday November 24th, 2006. 5:42 P.M. Roberto has finished taking a shower and has eaten a quick snack. He is sitting in his Uncle's living room talking. Umberto: Wow, you've been through alot in the last few months. Roberto: Yeah, and now the Don of the Leone Family hates me. Umberto: Well, forget'a bout him. You 'ave Tommy. You know Tommy loves you, and he'll do anythang to help out his number one mang. Roberto: Yeah, but what about this Mr. Gray person. Umberto: You said you 'ave that suitcase, well, use it against him. Roberto: How? Umberto: Activate la bomba, and put it right on his doorstep, then, BAM. He'll get what he deserves. Roberto: I thought about that, but I know he will somehow drag me down with him. Umberto: So where you and this tipo Mike going? Roberto: I don't know. He just said we need to leave. He never specified a place. Umberto: Well, if I were you, don't go near Liberty. Roberto: That is clear. Umberto: Yeah, so when he getting here? Roberto: He said in an hour. I don't know. Umberto: Okay. Well, I need to go take sh*t. Just say your leaving when he 'rrives. Roberto: Okay. Wednesday November 24th, 2006. 5:36 P.M. Kelsey has gone to three of the six locations given to her. The next on her list is Umberto Robina's home. Kelsey: Damn, I hate going into Old Little Havana. (Speeds off to Umberto's house) I wonder why Roberto left. I know he is a gang member and all, but he is always busy. He needs a day off. (Arrives at the house) Well I am here. (Gets out of car and knocks on door) Roberto: (Opens door with a look of surprise on his face) What?! Kelsey what are you doing here? Kelsey: My dad told me to come and look for you. He gave me a list of potential places I can find you. Roberto: Well I can't... (Gets cut off by tires screeching) Who's that? Mike: (Rolls down window) Roberto! Quick get in! Roberto: I'm sorry Kelsey, I can't talk right now. (Runs into car) Kelsey: Oh no you don't. (Jumps into the car's back seat) Roberto and Mike: What the f*ck are you doing? Kelsey: I'm not letting you guys go where ever you are going alone. Mike: Jesus Christ! (Police sirens come wailing down the street) Oh sh*t! I almost forgot. (Accelerates) Roberto: What happened now?! Mike: I was packing the car, and some cops found me and asked if they could help. I denied, and they insisted. They picked up the "suitcase" and it popped open. You should have seen their reactions. I knocked them out, jumped into my car, and sped off. Roberto: Damn it! Where are we going? Mike: Escobar International. Roberto: Are you crazy?! They won't let us in. The cops are on us. Kelsey: We can take my dad's private plane. Roberto and Mike: (Both turn around and look at her) When the hell were you going to tell us! Kelsey: Well you two were too busy arguing... Mike: (Interrupts Kelsey) sh*t! Roberto, take that Micro SMG and shoot down any Police Cars chasing us. Roberto: (Picks up gun) Why do I have to do all the work? Mike: Cause I am driving and Kelsey is a girl. Kelsey: Hey! Mike: Oh sh*t! (Smashes through a police barricade) That was way too close. Roberto: Yeah, took one out, two more to go. Mike: Good, keep going. We are almost there. Kelsey, where is the jet? Kelsey: Apologize for that rude remark. Mike: Are you kidding? Kelsey: Apologize. Mike: No! Just tell me now! Kelsey: Apologize! Mike: (Swerves out of a police cars way) Fine! I'm sorry. Kelsey: That's better. Take that entrance on the right. Mike: (Turns right, using the handbrake) Oh sh*t! Kelsey: (Smashes into the left side of the car) Ow, that hurt! Roberto: sh*t, I ran out of ammo! Mike: Don't worry, I see Tommy's jet. (Brakes at a jet) Damn, that thing is huge. Roberto: No time for staring Mike, we got to get the hell out of here. Mike: Yeah. (Gets out of car along with Roberto and Kelsey) How the hell are we going to fly this thing? Kelsey: I have a pilots license. Roberto and Mike: What?! Kelsey: (Opens planes door with a punch-in code and gets into cockpit) Come on! Roberto: Wow, this caught me off guard completely. (Runs in) Mike: You're telling me. (Follows Roberto) Roberto: Oh sh*t, look! (Points to the Police Cars heading at the jet) Start it up! Kelsey: I am! (Jet engine starts) There! Mike: Now get this thing in the air! Kelsey: (Accelerates the jet) Hold on. Roberto and Mike: (Fall backwards) Crap! Kelsey: (Slowly guides plane around airstrip) I need a clear area to take off on. Mike: There! (Points to an area with no police vehicles) Kelsey: (Jet starts to lift) It's working! Roberto: Yeah! Where are we heading Mike? Mike: Hell I don't know. Somewhere not near Liberty and here.
  13. My list for GTA Quatro would be the following: 1) The city size would be between Liberty City, and Vice City. 2) The city should be extremely detailed. Each building should be different and the walls should be textured to such an extreme, that when a parent walks by they're like 'What movie is that'. 3) Pedestrians should have a life. Instead of walking around the corner and just walk around until the player feels they need to die, the pedestrian should walk in and out of buildings, pull out an MP3 player and listen to it, read a newspaper while walking, play a portable game system, something other than walk. 4) Cops need a serious AI revamp. They need to get smarter and the wanted level should be changed so it fits. At one star, the cop chases you and stays on you, not just dissapear after some time. At two stars, the cops become much more aggressive and starts beating you, not shooting. They also ram the car and try to pull you over. At three stars, the helicopter joins, but doesn't fire, just keeps track of you. The cops can now open fire on you, and can do drive bys. At four stars, SWAT joins and the helis can open fire. SWAT does drive bys with MP5s and the Police use their pistols. At five stars, FBI kick in and join in, along with SWAT and the local police. FBI use strong assault rifles as drive bys, two helis join and each use a mini gun, firing at full power. Finally, at six stars, the Army joins in. The tanks can't blow you up on contact, but they can crush the car. Barrack OLs contains army men firing at you with M60's and M4's. Three helis are flying around, all three with M60's mounted. Also, SWAT, FBI, and the local police force are still chasing you. 5) The cars should be totally destructable and realistic, not black shells. 6) The amount of vehicles in SA were fine, just make it so there's always a different car onscreen. Reduce clumping of peds and vehicles. Way more than VCS if there was any! 7) Be able to make a gang. Customize a gang car and gang outfits. 8) When you recruit someone into your gang, they can at least be useful. Ex: You're running from the cops. You ca recruit one to drive you around the city while shooting at the cops. That way, they're not only oging to be shooting. But please make the intelligible. 9) Realistic body damage. When you;re getting shot at, let the wounds show. Let the clothes tear. Let the clothes singe. Make the protagonist take realistic damage, not just stand there say 'ow' and continue walking. He should limp if shot in the leg, or sway from massive blood loss. 10) Realistic weapon carrying. No more pulling RPG's out of my ass. Try it like Manhunt. It was perfect the way it was done. RPGs and Assault Rifles on the back. Pistols and SMGs on the waist. Grenades on the waist also. Goggles and such worn on top of the head. That's it for now. I'll be back with more later.
  14. Goota go with the Cubans! I'm Cuban, they're Cuban, I feel a connection. Plus their car is just awesome. Just sucks it doesn't spit fire like in VC, or does it? I'm starting to get attached to the white paint job though. It looks wicked sexy!
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