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  1. Now, Now.. Sweety...

    Dont care what that mean laddie says down here... vvvvvvvvvvvvv

  2. Ohh shit.I dont know if i should be telling you this..but you are looking extremely charming in this new Profile Pic.

    Sex tonight?? Plij

  3. Oi sexy.. mereko.. Elec and Comm me mil gaya...

    Yay Yay yay...

    Mai bhi IIM me 4 saal baad aunga abhi....tere sath :|

  4. Ok.. :|

    Soon i promise.. :P

  5. OOhh no.

    Not Evo... Hes too cold in bed.. :|

    I would prefer some private place... alone :|

  6. Saale India ka hai to bola kyu nahe.

    Where exactly in India?

  7. Someone leave some comments.


  8. Soory.

    I need your MSN ID.or add as under

  9. Thankz for the Addey.. ;)

    so.. sup? :D

  10. There is no way you can be inside Private forums now....I have killed Noru and Ciaran is inside the dungeons.

    Yay! I am taking over :)

  11. Trust me.India has changed far too much :P

    Cold Drinks,Fast Food Joints,Zappy Cars,Fat ladies and lots of things are common :|

  12. Uh.. ok..

    Meri biwi ko bhul gaya tuu..? :|

  13. Whats with me.


    And yeah.Have a nice trip!

  14. Wht abt that card... :X

    Ab kya...? Bday aa gai.. :((

  15. Why back in March 2008.

    CET ke AIEE nai dena hai kya? :P

  16. yo!

    Arent you on MSN or something.


    Add me then!

  17. Yo.

    Ciaran whassup!

  18. Yo~ Buddy.

    Whats your MSN?

  19. Yo~

    Were you trying to send me a pic?

  20. You can leave some comments here.


  21. :x You added it now~~