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    Most kills in Vice city

    The most kills i have had in vice city is more than 4 million kills (with trainer for unlimited bullets)
  2. Someguy in forum

    Three Word Story

    because someone had
  3. Someguy in forum

    whats you Favourite air craft

    i like the hydra for the speed and fire power i like the rustler for the stunts
  4. Someguy in forum

    Most kills in Vice city

    I dont know why but i have seen this guy with 1 000 000 for a criminal status and he is godfather. I would just assume that, that webpage may have mixed it up Take a look at this some people are trying to say that my kills arent legitimate. (A guy on this forum has a criminal status of 1 000 000) http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=255760 Heres my accuracy and ammo used Thanks to all of u for not critisizing me unlike the other forum
  5. Someguy in forum

    What song reminds you the most about vice city ?

    Any music on Flash FM reminds me of VC
  6. Someguy in forum

    The ^<v Game

    ^ not spaz < not spaz v erm er not spaz
  7. Someguy in forum

    13th Birthday

    Happy B'day ArturKim21 i was born at 12:34(34 mins after midnight) PS: cant remember if its am or pm
  8. Someguy in forum

    Favorite all time GTA car

    Plane: Hydra (easy to fly) Helicopter: Hunter (weapons on it) Car: Bullet (Speed and engine) Bike: FCR-900 (Good engine) NRG 500 (Speed) Bicycle: Mountain Bike Tank: Tank or the Swat Tank with the water canon
  9. Someguy in forum

    Favorite Gang

    I hate cubans for their music
  10. Someguy in forum

    FAV vehicle in gta vc

    Cheetah for the cornering Tank for the power and the turret Hotring Racer for the speed Hunter for the weapons PCJ 600 for the stunts
  11. Someguy in forum

    Favorite Weapon

    The best weapons are M4 Rocket Launcher Minigun Flamethrower PSG-1 Tank Hunter But most importantly "ME"
  12. Someguy in forum

    Most kills in Vice city

    Lets make this a competition Unfortuatly i couldnt find my 4 million kills but here is one with 2 million also look at the other stats especially the time taken for these 2 million kills
  13. Someguy in forum

    Introduce Yourself..

    hi im new to this forum ive never been here so i probably have some questions anyway hi