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    The ***** Game

    I know I know, we cant have anymore games. But I have to say, on one of my forums, this is the most popular game. Here's how it goes. You replace a certain word in the title of a Movie, and replace it with penis... Example : Honey I Shrunk the Penis How Stella got Her Penis back Willy Wonka and the Penis Factory Or Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Penis
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    I dunno, see John keeps flipflopping, but at least he isnt as bad as Bush
  3. PaganGuru


    Man, this is a late 80s-early 90s band that doesnt suck. Les Claypool has to be the greatest bassist out there. Man, the lyrics are so strange too... They're pretty funny, but there music doesnt sound comical, it has a pretty nice sound.
  4. PaganGuru

    KOTOR 2!

    HOLY frolicking GOD! Man, I cannot wait! Kotor made me love starwars again. Oh god that game was so frolicking open. I CANT WAIT EDIT: From what I've read, its about a Jedi that becomes "out of touch" with the force and has a very mysterious past. And the Old Republic kind of shuts down. We'll get about 7 planets. Thats pretty cool. Its set 5 years after
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    The Punisher

    I was the only one in the theater that laughed his ass off when his family was so viciously murdered.....That was also the same thing that happened in the Passion of the Christ
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    Gangs of Liberty City

    when i touch my poopoo place i feel like happiness
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    Group X Idioth

    Hmm, I remember there being two ones about a kid getting lost. I can only remember the one at Huddle House
  8. PaganGuru

    Group X Idioth

    Yeh, Hashmirr kicks ass, anyway, they are actually a local band, and the club they play at is about 100 miles from here And guys, GET THE SONG "Dat Cereal Bawx"! IT KICKS ASS! Its not a song, prank call, but its awesome! "I need the price for dat cereal bawx for my dad" "What cereal bar, sir?" "Not cereal bar! BAAAWX!"
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    Who is the coolest member of the forum?

    Damn, I am so popular, pretty soon I will be like a legend on the internet and they will talk about my pagan ways. Yeh, I pwn
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    Your piccys..

    Haha, pyro looks like my puppy He is soooo cute... whos the cute doggy woggy puppy wuppy, YOU ARE! Yes you are, yes you are.... Awem he is SOOO cute
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    Recent Downtime

    Its finally back up! I'm so happy! *hugs chris* So, now that its all back... whats gonna happen to us :'(
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    Jay and Silent Bob

    Dogma,Jasb: Strike Back, the Clerks cartoon (only six episodes and it was really lame) and then the new one "Jersey Girl" that has no Jay or Bob :'( Clerks was probably my favorite, I remember watching that movie was one of the first times I smoked weed, gently caress it was hillarious
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    Its a racist comment, if your body cant help it not to put a racist joke in your post then it just shows your asking to get spanked with my banning stick. I know the jokes are funny but you take them to far.... Thats actually not true, unless you people may have forgotten, I am not completely white, I look white, but my Father was born in Nigeria, he is american because it was in an US Army Base, and my father was born to American parents. Because I am a African American individual, you guys have no right to judge what I think. These jokes are fine, even my other black imaginary friends love them. Its not the people who are telling the jokes that go to far, its the close minded cynics and critics who read them. When you think about it, they are just jokes, even if they make fun of "jobless spiks" or "lazy blacks" its still in good taste. If you want something really offensive, go to a Klan meeting. I actually HAVE! I live in a very poor southern Baptist town surrounded by Rednecks that "hate dem blackard and colored folk". Well, an asshole ex-mate invited me to one because his father was in it, and christ... All they talk about is exterminating jews and blacks, when I told the leader guy in Red about my Nigerian roots, he kind of got confused and said its only your blood that counts. So to finally interpret the KKK's message, they dont hate African Americans, only blacks Note: The text above is all complete bullshit
  14. Wow dude, since the Blue and Red really suck, seriously more than Mrs. Lewinksky, I vote Black, but that still sucks. Wow dude, just wow
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    gently caress off dis biotch!!1 pwnage! lolz Anyway, I'm gonna post some pretty racist jokes, I dont mean to offend anyone, but if you have any ethnicity at all, you should refrain from reading the following:
  16. PaganGuru


    Okay, I have a great one, I heard it on this really offensive site, but trust me, tell it to anyone while they are high and they will burst in tears laughing. Okay, this guy gets out of prison, and he really needs sex. He drives to the nearest Whore house and asks the lady to be served. She replies "I'm sorry, but you'll have to wait, we're having a busy day." So he goes and sits on one of the chairs in the Waiting Room, next to him is a table, and on that table are gorgeuos looking tomatoes, the most beautiful that he has ever seen. So after 10 minutes of waiting he gets a little hungery, so he picks one up and takes a bite, it is so juicy and sweet, the best thing that man has ever tasted. While he is eating that a whore walks by and looks over at him in shock, she looks horrified and runs off. After he's finished he decides that that one was so good, that he wants another, so he reaches over to the table and pulls off a plump tomatoe. As he is eating that, another whore walking next to the other whore that first saw him, stares at him horrifingly and taps him on the arm. Enjoying the tomatoe so much he finishes his bite, swallows and says "What?" "Um sir, what the hell are you doing" "I'm eating these great tomatoes, do you mind?" "Oh sir, those aren't tomatoes, those are aborted fetuses"
  17. PaganGuru

    I'm Off

    No, I can garuntee we will come back, I'm sorry buddy, but we love this forum And to Big: I'm sorry dude, at least we can still talk on MSN :'(
  18. PaganGuru

    The ***** Game

    No! Its supposed to be "ET: The Extra Testicle"
  19. PaganGuru

    Who is the coolest member of the forum?

    Thanks dude
  20. PaganGuru

    Who is the coolest member of the forum?

    No, I voyed for Spaz
  21. PaganGuru

    Who is the coolest member of the forum?

    Woah, I'm winning
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    The ***** Game

    Uhh, the original title of that movie was a Penis joke in itself. Bigger, Longer and Uncut was a reference to Uncircumsized penises
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    Who is the coolest member of the forum?

    hehe, I'm winning, I voted for..... well....
  24. PaganGuru

    video game music

    I have a program like that but its something different, like Red Lightening or some name like that But i have all the Music to Deus Ex, Halo, Hitman, everything
  25. King Missle is alright but a little too soft, but they do pretty strange songs. And if you dont know who Primus is, they did the opening theme for South Park, and they do some pretty great stuff