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  1. After 100 years I come back.... :))

  2. Do you have an idea when my warnings will be deleted?

  3. Yeah, Death's cover was pretty good. But nothing can beat the original. :D

  4. I don't know, I listen to some of Barnes songs( from CC and from Six Feet Under, his band). They were very good, yeah. But, in my opinion, Fisher's growls are more brutal and his head banging freaking rocks, lol. I listen some songs from their last album on youtube. Freaking tight ones. I like Judas Priest, from heavy metal of course. They got some good songs like Painkiller.

  5. Yea, I'm into death metal for like 2 years and half. I also like Viking metal, Doom metal and some heavy metal.

  6. Yea dude, Amon Amarth are very good. Death metal rules.

  7. I'm an old man....hahah

    Of course its not..just a fake birthday date but still thanks.

    lol :)

  8. TG187

    things going good? :D

    engleza pana la capat :))

  9. Can you answer, whenever you can, at the PM I sent you yesterday?

  10. Well, if he likes you so much, and made so many good things for you ( not ), he needs a prize. :P

  11. nice reputation

  12. No problem, heh.

  13. sure, I will send you my MSN details in a PM.

  14. Hi. Like my profile video? Haha....lol


  15. I think I still have you on there, lol.....I read the old topics, so much fun :D

  16. haha yeah, good old times.

  17. you still on MSN? or you got me on MSN?

  18. yea i'm back haha long time lol

  19. Are you playing SAMP? I think I saw you in CP clan on SAMP. I am playing it too.!

  20. nice stunting vid you had man. :)

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