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  1. Well SA is good!! Do they still make mods for it?

  2. Well once you try GTAIV you won't wanna play SA ever again lol.

    Wii is pretty good! I got that

  3. LOL yeah I'll keep it!! You haven't played it??? Woah! Well I reccomend PC version, just cos you can mod is and use trainers and the like.

  4. Lol as if you remember me! I know not been on, just got GTAIV for the PC! Damn good

  5. I agree, but due to business reasons they are delaying the PC version and not even mentioning it until all GTA fans get a next-gen console and GTAIV, then they can release the PC version so we can all have fun modding and multiplaying if that's what you like.
  6. I really hope Gyms are still in GTA IV. And the idea of a Dojo is good too. Why not have both? A couple martial arts styles (karate and taekwondo), boxing, kickboxing, and then have some missions of some nature than involve bar fighting and getting paid. And a gym to train your body up, not too many regions but you can have upper body and lower body, and then stamina training as well - stamina increases the time you can sprint, stronger lower body increases how far and high you can jump, and how fast you can sprint (but not for how long), and upper body increases your punch strength, weapon aiming, climbing and dangling abilities. Might sound a little too RPG for some people but I think it's a simple method of adding some more freedom and fairness to the game.
  7. Well for me, the more GTA-style gaming the better, so I encourage the clones! Plus it creates some compeition for GTA so it keeps Rockstar on their fresh creative toes.
  8. It's confirmed for PS3 and XBOX360 in SOME form, no idea what that is. Nothing is confirmed for PC yet.
  9. I think the reason we know nothing about Saints Row 2 is because they are waiting for GTA IV to come so they can rip it off. Saints Row was and is undeniably awesome, I can't get enough of the insurance fraud missions, at least they were original on the concept of having a series of somewhat odd missions you can do for money. The trouble with SR was they almost completely copied the gang system, I hate fighting for gang territory, it's so repetitive and pees me off to no end. I hope GTAIV gets rid of it and SR2 as well. I'll definetly be buying both, but I'm more looking forward to GTAIV, I mean GTA is the original ultimate game in my opinion. The atmosphere and graphics were the best thing about SR, it reminded me of GTA3 (the atmosphere), but until we get SR2 details/screens I'm sticking with GTAIV as the winner.
  10. Ferret, I think somewhere along the line you've been severly misinformed - let me clarify for you: GTAIV for PS3 and XBOX360 is going to be exactly the same (confirmed by Rockstar). Now The XBOX360 takes DVDs, which means although the PS3 version MAY be on a blu-ray disc, it will still only be the size of a DVD - ie upto 8GB. That means GTAIV will be upto 8GB, not 40GB. PC games are almost entirely on DVD now as well, which means that there is no issue with the game being released on PC in terms of disc or hard drive space, ok? So the PC version will take exactly the same space on DVD as on an XBOX360 DVD and exactly the same space on a PS3 Blu-Ray disc - upto 8GB. Oh and the only two reasons they didn't release LCS and VCS on PC was because they were a hype scam to get people to buy a PSP after poor projected sales for Sony and because they were inferior to the originals and would have looked terrible on a high resolution PC monitor.
  11. Of course it will be made, and in my opinion, if they're releasing it late on the consoles, then there might not be that big a gap between console release and PC release!
  12. Holy crap that's made me hungry..and I so want one of those promotional packs!
  13. And did this other person actually earn his money rather than scrounging off his mum like a little kid?
  14. Different areas are updated at different times I imagine. Try looking at places of countryside in remote countries - nothing, it's just blurry and lame. Does anybody know how we find out when the image was taken? Is there some google earth feature I'm missing? Oh and on some side-note, just how freaking awesome is google earth? I mean being able to see any part of the world and houses and even cars it's just.....scary!
  15. Well I think the idea behind the iphone is that in apple's opinion, the internet replaces things like texting and most of the old forms of communication, they believe if you have a portable internet, then why bother if you can send emails and check the news online and pretty much have all you need right there, and the iphone does have all you actually need to be honest. Flash will probably come later, I don't know, maybe it's something to do with licensing, and no recording video? Well yeah that is a bit of a disgrace to be honest, I'm sure there was a genuine technical reason for it. In any case, what apple have managed to do is create a new generation of touch-screen phones that look like something out of star trek or star wars and for that its pretty cool. I wouldn't get one unless they cost the same on monthly contract as my current phone (samsung e900), but I'm sure the iphone has GPS doesn't it? I mean if you could like walk around and the little arrow on what street you are on moves round as you do, that would be totally awesome!!! And good if you get lost a lot in scary areas. Just a point, that Nokia E70 thing that the guy with the site was trying to advertise, I mean it looks horrific, I wouldn't buy one even if it is cheaper and has more features! I'd be embarrased to get it out in public it looks like a brick phone. But don't worry if you wanted something that looked like the iphone, i'm sure in a few months every other company will start copying them and infact beating them in terms of bang for your buck.
  16. Bear, trust me, people like you (and me obviously ) are the ones that will grow up to be successfull and rich, the people who act like animals or as we call them in England "chavs" will grow up doing nothing better than standard crappy jobs in the same council houses living hateful lives. Being good and logical from a young age is the key to a successful life, every kid is stuck having to hang around dipshits until they're old enough to go to uni and get a real job - those getting pregnant now will be stuck for the rest of their days (unless they have some massive realisation and change the way they live, which most don't).
  17. Yeah I suppose some of the graphics and lighting seem a little similar to GTAIV - I just like the look of the atmosphere and open-ended American/Canadian countryside
  18. ..................MINORS AVERT YOUR EYES NOW................................ one word..."foreskin" - there's a certain age you get to before you can pull it back fully, up until then if you try you'll damage it and it will hurt like hell, the age differs between people of course, i read about it somewhere but it can be up until you're 18 before you can properly.
  19. No, it ain't cancelled, its due for mid 2008 I think, which is a shame cos I've been dying to play it for ages! It looks amazing, just haven't seen any new screenshots for a while I don't think
  20. According to amazon it's out on XBOX360 on the 30th july (ie this month) 2007 (this year) - I hope they ain't lying!! Here is the amazon link to it on X360 on 30th July 2007: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Microsoft-Alan-Wak...mp;s=videogames And PS3 which is 30th September 2007: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Take-2-Alan-Wake-P...mp;s=videogames Just quickly reading the Alan Wake forums, it seems play made the same mistake with a release date on 6th July so yeah I think you're right lol, it's amazon's cheeky way of reeling people into pre-ordering stuff early and taking your cash!!
  21. As somebody who has actually had sex multiple times, let me just say that it really doesn't matter about losing your virginity as soon as you can, I lost mine at 19 and trust me, the most important thing is that you're with someone that makes you happy - I mean what happens if you loose your balls in some accident, or something like that, and same with your gf what if she can't do it? Love is the first priority in a relationship buddy, the really hot girls tend to make the worst long-term partners. Having sex at 12, or any age under 18 is in my opinion stupid - it would hurt, it hurts girls at 16, so it's going to freaking kill at 12, especially for the guy - of course everyone matures at different ages but the human body isn't designed to do it that young, I'd wait till I'm 18, those that try to do it early to show off are the ones that end up in hospital when they're older cos they were drinking more than everyone else to show off or that wind up dead cos they were driving faster to show off - in short, they and indeed this 12 year old you are talking about is a moron, nothing more - in the real world noone cares when you loose it (just like don't wait TOO long like till you're 30 or it's kind of embarrasing unless you're mega-religous), people that sleep around get STDs anyway which is gross.
  22. Well I bought an X360 TODAY (it's still to arrive) for the following reasons: - It's £100 cheaper than a PS3 and that's second hand on ebay! PS3 price is totally unjustified, it's graphics are barely better than X360. - Unlike the PS3, it's very easy to connect upto a PC monitor and speakers, no need for stupid converter boxes that are too expensive and will probably break in no time because there's nothing actually made by sony for it - but with microsoft it's a simple official cable that connects straight from the console to your monitor. - I get GTAIV exclusive content first But I have to say that my favourite of the three consoles is the Wii (I HAD to buy an X360 for GTA IV) - some of the games just look so funny and for once in videogaming history, pleasant! Have you seen the new Sims game for the Wii?? Lol it looks hilarious, and where else can you play a game called 'Barnyard' and sneak up on a postman as a giant cow? Perfect for little kids and those of us that haven't grown up yet......*ahem*....Not only that but it's the cheapest console out there, hoorah for Nintendo!
  23. I just pre-ordered for my XBOX 360 which is on its way, WOO!!! Saints row and Alan Wake ought to keep me entertained till then
  24. Nice page man!! Though I don't think the Ferry will be driveable! And I don't know if it's me but the last three images of vehicles aren't working!
  25. Well I sorted it out, ordered myself an XBOX360 Premium (20GB) for £205 and now ordering games, so far I will have: Saints Row Forza Motorsport 2 Crackdown Burnout Revenge And I've just gone and preordered: Alan Wake and of course......GTAIV WOOOOOOO Edition!!!! Well okay just the normal edition but hey. And if anybody else is thinking of getting an XBOX360 to hook up to their PC monitor and speakers.....it only cost me £15, you need an official XBOX360 to VGA (and 2 X RCA) connector - plug the VGA into your monitor, then get a 2XRCA to 1X 3.5mm audio jack cable, and plug it into your speakers/amp....I let y'all know if it works when it all arrives
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