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  1. I always like the answer that people where killing each other long before video games and the internet came along. Theyre a good few nutjobs who have killed in the name of religion but you don't see them trying to ban that.
  2. I know theres some in the graveyard in that ghost town in the desert and you can give them to your girlfriend along with other things but i can't remember how you do(L1 or something?)
  3. Yeah we all know that it started to go back in order but we dont know if LCS and VCS were not just little, but good, fill ins until GTA IV. Another reason we're not sure if SAS would be the next PSP GTA game is because all of SA is too big to have on a UMD which got us thinking it might be just one of the cities instead of the whole state of San Andreas, most likely Los Santos if not the whole state. Then again San Andreas might be able to fit on a UMD which has been argued for a while because some are talking about everything that SA had with more added along with a decent amount of missions while others just think these people mean just the map. So it is still undecided that they'll have another PSP GTA game since they have new systems and yes I know they have two different branches of Rockstar working on the big console GTA games and the PSP GTA games. All I have to really say is if in 2008 Rockstar decides to make or release another PSP GTA game it'll most likely be in San Andreas, Los Santos if not the whole state according to my radio theory. Yeah but you have already disproved your initial theory because you said that mentioned Las Venturas was mentioned in LCS and obviously wasn't the next game. The chances are that if they do the next game as one city then it will be Los Santos because it continues the order of the cities you play - Liberty City > Vice City > Los Santos > San Fierro > Las Venturas.
  4. I generally just buy from the ebay shops with 100% positive feedback and i never buy hugely expensive stuff, mainly books(unless i can get them cheaper on amazon). Never really had a problem.
  5. My theory is they just done all the cities in the original game in the same order as the original game and the 'stories' game is doing the exact same thing. Oh wait thats not a theory. Shame on you for not know what the next game would be...
  6. With the size of the universe then there is a probability of there being other life out there but that doesn't mean they would be more advanced or even advanced that all. There could be single celled organism out there. Lets all thank hollywood for "omg aliens coming to kill us with there advanced technology! runns aawaay until will smith arrives kthx". Stupid Hollywood, the Roman armies didn't even wear red.
  7. Well they wouldn't have to use the building physics. I think it would be good to just have it for the wind effect and player ragdolls. Imagine rubbish blowing down the road and trees blowing in the wind. Would be hot stuff.
  8. Is that Max Payne in the first picture? What is he doing in Vancouver?
  9. All depends on the time period really. Rock* tend to do a good job putting in good music based on the period the game is based in. So far all the soundtracks have had a wide variety of different styles and adding to the time period the game is based. More of the talk radio stations and funny commercials and ill be happy
  10. Lucky there are more than just 'mafia' and 'gangstas' in the world. So neither.
  11. It all depends on where the game is based. If London then it should definetly be 60's(Just think Great Train Robbery, Italian Job, Krays etc). Current time could be ok but not if its based in another American city. Not much would of changed since LC but if it was based in Europe or somewhere else then it wouldn't matter that much. I dont really see how they could add that much with using the current time period again. Its just not about throwing some generic guy into a city and letting you run wild. They use a lot of films/music/tv of the time and other references to put the games together.
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