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  1. Yes it was, It was great . I loved the gang respect idea
  2. Yes, we are all getting that error. The servers are allways full . I will try again in a few days
  3. It could be illegal if you make theyre cars look bad. Like having low speed and destryoing them very easy.. that is bad publicity
  4. Im 14 , 15 in a couple of months
  5. Cool ! 3 awards ! That is uber great
  6. Yes, I might just do that
  7. I just created my new GTA forum , Its called the Gta lair. I have a nice skin, shoutbox, arcade, RP forum, gang forum and soon a money mod this is the link : GTA Lair Please register
  8. I still play VC becouse I will only get SA on x-mass
  9. oh, i didnt notice it was up last week And my Sn is google bot becouse... oh I cant explain it I just like how it sounds
  10. Yeah but It would make the gang scene a lot better and the game a lot more interesting, gang rating truly owns
  11. Man , it still doesnt work ... fix the link or something
  12. yeah , and I finished this mission whotout any chopper, I just used the PCJ Its not hard, I also did it with the sanchej , freeway , angel
  13. At GTA-Nation they use the ammunation items to steal money from other users, its very fun, You can bring the thief to court if you catch him.
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