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  1. Google Bot

    GTA2 available for download

    Yes it was, It was great . I loved the gang respect idea
  2. Google Bot

    GTA2 available for download

    Yes, we are all getting that error. The servers are allways full . I will try again in a few days
  3. Google Bot

    Mods Illegal!?

    It could be illegal if you make theyre cars look bad. Like having low speed and destryoing them very easy.. that is bad publicity
  4. Google Bot

    Your age

    Im 14 , 15 in a couple of months
  5. Google Bot

    San Andreas wins GOTY!

    Cool ! 3 awards ! That is uber great
  6. Google Bot

    San Andreas wallpapers

    I allready saw them at the GTAWH forums
  7. Google Bot

    GTA Lair

    Yes, I might just do that
  8. Google Bot

    GTA Lair

    well I just started it
  9. Google Bot

    GTA Lair

    I just created my new GTA forum , Its called the Gta lair. I have a nice skin, shoutbox, arcade, RP forum, gang forum and soon a money mod this is the link : GTA Lair Please register
  10. Google Bot


    I still play VC becouse I will only get SA on x-mass
  11. Google Bot

    We're back

    oh, i didnt notice it was up last week And my Sn is google bot becouse... oh I cant explain it I just like how it sounds
  12. Google Bot

    The Rating System

    Yeah but It would make the gang scene a lot better and the game a lot more interesting, gang rating truly owns
  13. Google Bot


    Man , it still doesnt work ... fix the link or something
  14. Google Bot


    yeah , and I finished this mission whotout any chopper, I just used the PCJ Its not hard, I also did it with the sanchej , freeway , angel
  15. Google Bot


    At GTA-Nation they use the ammunation items to steal money from other users, its very fun, You can bring the thief to court if you catch him.