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    New Project

    I just wanted to let everybody know that I'm working on my new stunt video so if someone has good San Andreas stunts you can join my project....Trust me ,this one is going to be much better then my first vid Overdose. If you want to join upload your videos somewhere so I can download them.
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    Ladies and gentleman I present you DIQUIET Sorry for delay and don't forget to enjoy.
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    Interlocked - GTAStunting.com

    Nice vid!I never saw so much stunters in one vid...
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    Thanks Ghost. No I wasn't using mods,GTA Ninja.
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    Here's the link-clicky
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    The Universe

    Well if that were to happen, we'd get crushed by the pressure of the earth traveling how ever fast it'd be going after the shockwave from the explosion. Either that or we'd freeze afterwards because there isn't really any chance that we'd land by another star. Yeah,we can't escape Apocalyps in any way...unless a miracle happens..but you said we shouldn't involve religion so...
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    The Universe

    We could be sucked by the Black Hole.... You probably know that in the center of our galaxy is one huge black hole,well that black hole and black hole in the center of Andromeda(our neibhboring galaxy) are going towards each other so it will come to a big explosion.Earth may get destroyed in explosion or could just be trown away in outer space.Apocalyps in any way unless we get trown near another sun or something so we can continue to live out of the Milcky Way. Sorry on my english...
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    fav heli, boat, and car

    There are plenty of threads like this here....but anyway: Squalo Infernus PCJ-600 Maverick
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    GTA4 Screensaver

    Nice,I'll download it right now. EDIT:It's great,I prefer third version.
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Johny B-Hooters Slayer,what's the name of that movie with Disturbed soundtrack?
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    Ok,I'll upload it on YouTube later tonight.
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    I barely have time to post here. EDIT:Try again later cause on my comp down. speed is 70Kbps which isn't too bad considering I have 512Kbps ADSL....Now you know what's my country like.Hopefuly faster internet is going to be cheaper soon...
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    C'mon have you finished downloading yet?
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    What are you currently playing?

    NBA Live 07 and San Andreas,Cantr II.
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    The Universe

    Yeah but how did that matter and anti-matter were created....That means that history is older then universe,something existed before it. Out of the borders of universe could be another one and so on...there's many solar systems,many galaxies,why not many universes? Maybe humanity will never find an answer on this question .
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    What are you listening to right now?

    U2-Beautiful Day
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    Great stunts!I just wish that quality is better... LOL...good sig JayD....
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    Gran turismo

    Yeah,I hated earning the licences too but I like realism in games.
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    Canadian GTA

    Probably it would be good.It might happen' who knows...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    why does my heart feel so bad-moby
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    talent hits again

    Great! It's almost like Smeagol.
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    GRIM's Mods

    Grim's weapon pack III is out...check it out on gtagaming if you haven't already...
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    [SA]Amped 2

  25. DareDevilX

    MY new bike :P

    When's your solo coming out?