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    Fav. Song

    What's your favorite songs? Mine are (I have three) American Idiot-Green Day Basket Case-Green Day Longview-Geen Day That's it.
  2. gtA5fan


    gtA5fan gave me his password. This is Ryder. gtA5 is retiring, and giving I (Ryder) his money/items. I may be on his a while just to change a bit of stuff. So everyone, say goodbye to what was once a good member. Thanks, Ryder.
  3. gtA5fan

    GTA Central

    http://www.designkai.com/gtac/index.php We've got shops, which we can add to. A god money system where you can donate. RPG's and Gang Wars. Join Now!
  4. gtA5fan

    GTA Heaven

    http://forums.gtaheaven.co.uk/index.php Just put referred by Joey Valentino
  5. gtA5fan

    Gaming Nation

    http://www.studio-11.northcentralonline.com/forums/index.php Shop Coming soon. It's a friends forum, just put reffered by gtA5fan.
  6. gtA5fan

    GF's in LV?

    Are there any girlfriends you get in Las Venturras? If there is, please tell me where.
  7. gtA5fan

    GTA Hood

    Oh yah, the link in your sig
  8. gtA5fan

    GTA Central

    1) I never knew they existed 2) The Errors are getting fixed
  9. gtA5fan

    Word Association

  10. gtA5fan

    Gangs Of San Andreas

    Mainly mine and ©Wolfe™'s forum. But we do have one other admin. It's focused on RPG. I do most the work, but have fun doing it. These forums just started, sp please join and make it bigger. http://s6.CRAPPY IF SITE/Bad_Company/index.php
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    This is my forum, it is mostly gangs and gang wars, but chatting is also an option. There can Only be four gangs, and only three more are open, so please join http://gtawar.upperboard.com
  12. gtA5fan

    PLease Help

    Does anyone know a place or something where I can find a shop script for invisionfree forums?
  13. gtA5fan

    The all New GTA War Site

    sure, i would like that
  14. gtA5fan

    The all New GTA War Site

    http://www.freewebs.com/gtawar/ the forums are on their, I just finished the website for now
  15. gtA5fan


    join mine and I'll join yours
  16. gtA5fan


    don't forget about the mission when you save whats her face
  17. gtA5fan

    Gangs Of San Andreas

    I like the skin. Oh well
  18. gtA5fan

    Favorite City?

    Los Santos, Gangster missions and turf wars!
  19. Mine is the Leone family, if you didn't get there yet, yes, the Leone Family Mafia is back!!
  20. turf wars are in San Fierro, after you finish the mission where you take over glen park, you can go to an area that is shaded a color besides green, cuz thats your color. kill a few of that colors gang members, and three waves of a big gang war comes. If you survive every one, you earn that turf and it turns from whatever color it was to green. Also, other gangs can attack your turf, and you must defend. I've only seen this in los santos. -gtA5fan
  21. gtA5fan

    Job Offer

    I have an Admin spot for anyone who knows something abouth Halo 2. Please Reply!
  22. gtA5fan

    Job Offer

    mvi, will you take the job. (No, admin). It's not for GTA War.
  23. gtA5fan

    my forums

    No. It's more like, Your forums are okay, give me a chance to show you what I can do and see if you like it.
  24. gtA5fan

    buying a sig and avatar

    Em, could I have the banner you made for GTA War but its a link?