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    Play basketball and football, listen to music, check out girls, and chill wit my boys

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    San Andreas
  1. Well most games you hav to contol wit the left anlog stick so u should get use to it now.
  2. Where to get flying lessons?

    yea when you done pilot school you can fly and helicopters and planes. I like the last part when the parachuate. That was fun.
  3. Favourite radio station?

    mines was the game fm and chatterbox
  4. 2CD and DVD set now available

    why sum1 buy the 2 cd and a dvd 4 san andreas
  5. Favorite Weapon

    I liked the uzi
  6. Were u dissapointed at all with San Andreas

    I think san andres is ok i giv it a 7 1/2 out of 10
  7. music

    I picked none i like rap
  8. Fav. Song

    Ja Rule-New York
  9. Shoutbox

    Yea WhiteTeeFeen is right b/c its hard to commucate wit people on here unless you pm them