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  1. well, here´s the videos: rightclick save as invisible PCJ 600 http://jokama.freewebspace.com/gta/pcj600.avi it looks like i can stand up in the end but thats only after i fired a couple of shots, I end up floating right after the film ends. a stiff sanchez http://jokama.freewebspace.com/gta/sanchez.avi it corners nice, dont you think.
  2. I now have it on film, if you don't believe/understand Only in .3gp format, will convert soon.
  3. I have replaced most cars now, and it works fine, BUT yesterday I noticed that I couldnt see that many bikes on the streets. And sometimes when driving around I crash into something invisible, and when the bike-driver flies off the bike he becomes visible. So I went to the old airport to try the PCj600 that is always there, looks great when it´s parked but when i get on it I dissappear. I can drive araound a little, but when I press up to lean forward I ended up falling through the sky, falling forever and never hit ground. And getting off the bike is no solution either, I get stuck floating sideways in the air like 50cm above the street, and I'm folded with my head between my feet. But all the other seems to work, except the Sanchez which doesnt lie down in the corners. Does anyone know anything about this ?? Have I f___ed something up when adding cars ??
  4. 940Turbo


    I use SAMI all the time, it's fast and simple to use. Only downside is that it's only the standard .txd and .dff that get installed, if there's extra paintjobs you have to install them manually. I recommend using Spark instead of IMGTool because its much faster and easier to use. That's my personal opinion anyway. Good Luck !!
  5. YES !! I managed to do it without messing up!! THX again!
  6. ok thx mate ! But i´ll surely f..k it up anyway My usual luck !
  7. Hi all ! I've been installing all my cars with SAMI, but with some cars the extra .txd files dont get installed. Can I just open the gta3img and add the missing txd files ?? Just wanted to ask first so I don't totally fxxk up the game. // jonas
  8. No, it was the Phoenix as I wrote above
  9. I've been trying for hours with "fast cars" cheat and a "rare car" "mod" but it never showed up. Until I asked you guys. The first car that I see when I started the game after asking for help is.... Phoenix, and that was what I were looking for. THX anyway guys !
  10. Yeah it's one of the end missions and the house is full of enemies.
  11. Hi all! I don't remember what the mission was called but you chase someone(forgot who) through mad-doggs? mansion, then you jump in a Windsor to chase him and take him out. Whar car was He driving ?? Looks almost like a Firebird or something like that, I've never that car again. PLZ help me !! // Jonas
  12. These are my 2 favourite sites, when it comes to GTA:SA downloads http://gta-worldmods.planet-multiplayer.de...?path=start.php http://gta.gamigo.de/news.php I know this was mentioned but I really like it.
  13. Is there a stripclub in SF? I've olny found one in NW Santos and one just west of LV, is there anymore stripclubs??
  14. it should be something like this: C:/program/gta-san andreas/models ( in this folder you will find gta3.img ) Or what ever folder YOU installed GTA:SA to. If you don´t know how to use Windows Explorer then you have a little problem.
  15. Still havent found any Chevy Corvair ?? Would be great if you could do that.
  16. Still no corvair or k-series ?? "I know of over 100 mod sites and i can get the car u want." - X GTA X Would be cool if you could find a Volvo 940 turbo also
  17. I have two requests: Chevrolet Corvair to replace the Tampa. and Mopar(chrysler/dodge/plymouth) K-series to replace the Willard. If you could find any of these it would be REALLY cool.
  18. I have two requests: Chevrolet Corvair to replace the Tampa. and Mopar(chrysler/dodge/plymouth) K-series to replace the Willard. If find any of these it would be REALLY cool. // Jonas
  19. You can install other mods also, not only cars. I´ve only tried the Gas-station mod and it worked fine.
  20. I only use SAMI and it works most of the cars, I don´t have patience to manually install those that don´t work so I just don´t install them In SAMI you can change what model u want to replace, but that doesn´t work for all models, but almost all.
  21. http://gta.gamigo.de/news.php I know its in german but the menu is mostly english. On the left you have a download menu, Then choose cars under GTA:SA and there you over 1100 cars to choose from. And there is a nice Viper that replaces the Banshee. And lots and lots of VERY nice cars. Good Luck !! By the way I´m doing the same thing, some cars are hard to find so I´ve replaced them with some other beautiful cars, but most of them are the "real" version of the game cars.
  22. I want so me more "normal" cars. I love to replace the cars that are obvious "lookalikes". And they should be all stock of course, no hotrodded tuned up "crap" But I still miss: a nice Pontiac Bonneville SSE for the Sunrise a cool hearse? for the Romero I also need a Chevy Corvair for the Tampa Chevy -58 for the Tornado Honda Civic CRX for Blista Compact and a couple more... That would be awesome ! If anyone know of any of these, plz let me know !!
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