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  1. Well i reinstalled the game, that solved it, the hard way. sorry for doublepost I just wanted make it clearer. But thanks for willing to help me How do I restore the cars? If it would happen again.
  2. Back to normal I mean. The mod-cars are still in the game, but I can´t uninstall with SAMI. Is there a way to restore the cars in another way ? explained my problem a little.
  3. I have a similar problem. I´ve uninstalled all my mod-cars using SAMI v1.1, but some cars doesn´t show up in the uninstall-list. Is there a way to restore those cars in another way ??
  4. You can just put shortcuts to mp3´s into that folder if u want to save some diskspace. And I´ve never scanned the tracks, works great anyway
  5. I did attach it, but all my posts was added in my last post, so I guess I did something wrong. Anyway I installed the game on my girlfriends PC which is a bit better than mine. And I got onboard the plane on the 1st try Time to upgrade my computer I think Thanx guys for all tips !!!!
  6. That seems to be true Set the lowest display options and I got closer, but not enough. I´ll have to try it on my girlfriends computer, shes got a better one Thanx man !
  7. Well try to catch up with plane in my screenshot I havent had ANY problems at all with the other missions. I also think its fairly easy, its just this -part of a mission that just wont work. Savegames are numbered from top to bottom in the game I suppose, so I post the right one ? This should be the one I think. If its saved at the old Airport where the mission starts. And yes it´s some cheats activated forgot to turn them off before saving. Hmmm, did I succeed in uploading the savegame ?? It appears as I´ve edited my last post. I clicked "Add reply" but still it looks as a Edit.
  8. My fav thing right now is to replace the in-game cars with cars that they look like they are modeled from. For example cabbie - checker cab landstalker - landrover and so on. Too bad most modders only make new "hot" cars. Then when I´ve replaced most cars I just cruise around from town to town looking at all the beautiful "real" cars.
  9. *bump* Edited my last post ! EDIT ! again Tried to stay below windshieldm but didnt get any closer. Shit, I love this game but hate getting stuck like this
  10. Its goes faster to cross the runway to the left than to stay on the right side, as I start on the right side ??? Well i´ll give it a shot, THX !! BTW last time I tried, the plane lift off when I just passed that red/white "watertank" EDIT : like this I hit full throttle when mission started and then just went straight ahead, just to make sure I didnt loose speed when steering, and this is as far as I get, sometimes I get as far as the barrels in the back, but never closer than that. click to see full pic
  11. I would like to know that too. I play on PC and I´ve tried all tips & trick I´ve read about here on the forum. The closest I´ve got so far is when the plane takes off I still havent reached the end of the field. PLZ Help me!
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