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  1. cheers Rashon125, thats wha i wantted to know
  2. Ive read every where that using cheats will corrupt your save game but i wanna know if using Maximum Health, Armor, Ammo and $250,000 cheat plus weapons cheats are ok like?? I just want to use those cheats but will it affect my game?
  3. I like nearly all of it plus the soundtrack must be one of the best in any game ever, with all the good tunes on the radio to choose from.
  4. Biggie is one of my favourite rappers & 2pac & i like old skool rap & underground but not none of the new shit on the radio, rap has gone way to commercial my gavourite rap songs r most probabaly these 2Pac - Hail Mary Biggie - Juicy MC Eight - Straight up menace 2pac - How long will they mourn me
  5. my bad i read the title wrong, I'm not to sure who i wouldnt want back
  6. I'd like to see the one whos tripping on mushroooms to come back because he's funny, was the voive by Danny Dyer???
  7. I wouldnt mind travelling to asia theres sum fine looking birds out there.
  8. ok cheers think i'll try & kill all gangs for a change but its hard as hell like.
  9. im listening 2 the Good, the Bad & the Queen, brilliant album i reckon.
  10. Im just wondering has anyone ever taken over all gang territories & if so does anything happen apart from gaining respect???
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