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  1. January 31th (yeah, today for me right now), so I am Aquarius
  2. Linkin Park - My December (I love this song)
  3. Hermosillo, a city in the North or Mexico.
  4. If you dont have a DVD is not a big problem, for 20 dollars you can get a 16x DVD drive, wich is a must is you have a computer that can run SA, not just for SA, but for the newest games and movies.
  5. Oscar

    NFSU2 car pics

    Really? those were originals from me, I can tell you that, I never checked the site, maybe those are the most common things or the most popular
  6. You havent watched or played Football right?, football has a lot of strategy, some good skills, is a really fun game, I know is not like rubgy with no protection and stuff, but trust me, is really fun to watch if you know what is like.
  7. Oscar

    NFSU2 car pics

    Nice cars you got there, here are some pics from my cars, I took them sometime ago, I havent played since I beat the game with all the parts, I think is fun, but it becomes so damn easy the second time you play it, anyway, here are some pics: I had more, but I lost my data, this were stored in Imageshack from sometime ago.
  8. This is the second time I post this, my old account got lost, anyway, this place looks so quiet, I hope it grows
  9. Oscar


    Metal if I have to choose.
  10. Mostly Rock, but I like some songs from another genres
  11. Football, Baseball and Basketball, I canĀ“t say wich one of them is my favorite.
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