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  1. alter ego

    GTA SA for PSP (If)

    yes i think its nice, but i don't they will make it, because San Andreas is just too big for PSP
  2. alter ego

    Your favorite Mission

    end of the line
  3. alter ego

    San Andreas Is Haunted

    he will just tell you "find it for yourself" i really do believe on him
  4. alter ego

    Strange And Scary?

    its not real, I noticed that this guy posted many topics about weird things in San Andreas, but he proved nothing at all. I will only believe in him if he show us some proof, otherwise he's just a liar
  5. alter ego

    Favorite GTA storyline

    do you think its the easiest GTA? and "big bump" should not be applied in my post, because big bump means "already dead topic which is not replied for years", well i consider this only a "bump"
  6. alter ego

    GTASA Playa 4 Life?

    Yes, I think so. San Andreas got the best theme in GTA for me, I love 90's westside
  7. alter ego

    Favorite GTA storyline

    I like the storyline of VCS, Victor just want to help his family at first
  8. alter ego

    What are you listening to right now?

    Dr.Dre & Snoop Dogg - Deep Cover
  9. alter ego

    The ^<v Game

    ^ Telling i'm a spammer < not really a spammer v could be a real spammer
  10. alter ego

    Favorite Vehicle(s)

    Car : Cheetah Bike : PCJ-600 and Sanchez Boat : Any boat that is fast Helicopter : Police Maverick
  11. alter ego

    Favorite Radio Station(s)

    Yeah, Radio Los Santos would be the best for me of course...
  12. alter ego

    Make A Gang For GTA IV

    Collsion Coarse cars : any lowrider appearance : orange hooded jacket, pants weapons : tec-9, desert eagle turf : Los Santos and Staunton Island, LC
  13. alter ego

    How did you find out about GTA?

    In the year 2002, my cousin is playing a GTA game then I asked him what is it's name, then he answered me its GTA III.... up until now I still play GTA
  14. alter ego

    favorite weapon

    Any sub-machine gun is good for me