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  1. ROFL!!! He did the same at GTAF last night. Smooth move, ex lax.
  2. Well, if it's modified, then it's not really Pricedown, is it? Anyway, my point was that Pricedown is a Sans-Serif font, and the IV obviously has Serifs on it, so there ya go. Not a big deal. I'd be more than happy to agree to disagree.
  3. Fix found! http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtop...t&p=4074801 You'll need to get RWAnalyze (http://www.steve-m.com/) to make the changes discussed in the post linked above.
  4. Pricedown it is NOT (I use it all the time ). Looks like something from the Helvetica family, personally. It makes sense that it would be different, since the "III/3" series of games (III/VC/SA) was always intended to be trilogy. So I agree the the IV is significant somehow, if only to mean it's the start of a new series.
  5. Well, since I missed the annoucement for the last episode here (by the time I remembered, it was already THIS week), so it's a TWO-FOR SPECIAL! In Episode 20, Drive, Mary and Jessica head to Staunton Island, which partialy awakens a memory for Jessica. Meanwhile, Danny, Burt and Don try to lay low… In Episode 21, Missed Direction, Mary and Jessica have a heart to heart before going to prevent a shipment of SPANK from falling into Claude's hands. Danny recaps for Burt the story so far… As always, you can download the episodes in Low Res and Hi Res flavors from our website at http://www.pawfectfilms.com in the Videos section. Podcast subcribers can get the Season 2 episodes one day early on future releases by going to our Feedburner site at http://feeds.feedburner.com/PEDSSeason2 or the iTunes store at http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore...st?id=182179315 Episode 22 will be released on March 9th, 2007 (March 8th for podcast subscribers). Whew. Only FIVE more to go for season 2. WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN OMGLOLBBQFTW??!!!1111
  6. It's not my code. You better be happy someone answered at all.
  7. Ok, just had a look at this. It IS done via the main.scm (notepad. HAH. Get Sanny Builder), but it's really more of a "cheat" so to speak. Basically, he's creating extra missles as regular objects and attaching them to the a second vehicle (which looks to be a missle itself) and when you press fire, the second "vehicle" shoots out of the position where the first one is and heads for the target. Sort of. I don't mean "cheat" in a disparaging way either. I think it's a rather creative way to do this. Anyway, I THINK the bit you want to change is here: NONAME_1 wait 40 if Player.Defined($PLAYER_CHAR) else_jump @NONAME_1 if Actor.DrivingVehicleType($PLAYER_ACTOR, #SHAMAL) else_jump @NONAME_1 else_jump 0 Model.Available(#RCCAM) else_jump @NONAME_1_255 if 00E1: key_pressed 0 18 else_jump @NONAME_1 03C0: 10@ = actor $PLAYER_ACTOR car 02E3: 3@ = car 10@ speed 3@ += 50.0 // floating-point values 07C5: store_car 10@ unknown_values_to 4@ 5@ 6@ 7@ 0407: create_coordinate 0@ 1@ 2@ from_car 10@ offset 3.0 0.0 -2.5999 create_thread @NONAME_2 0@ 1@ 2@ 3@ 4@ 5@ 6@ 7@ 8@ 0407: create_coordinate 0@ 1@ 2@ from_car 10@ offset -2.9999 0.0 -2.5999 create_thread @NONAME_2 0@ 1@ 2@ 3@ 4@ 5@ 6@ 7@ 8@ wait 200 jump @NONAME_1 3@ += 50.0 // floating-point values - change this (the 50.0) to a higher number. You will need Sanny Builder to edit this and then you must recompile the code. EDIT: Adding this line: Model.Destroy(#RCCAM) :NONAME_2_371 Car.RemoveReferences(11@) Car.Destroy(11@) Object.RemoveReferences(12@) Object.Destroy(12@) Model.Destroy(#RCCAM) 0948: (unknown) 0@ 1@ 2@ 2 1.2001 0948: (unknown) 0@ 1@ 2@ 4 1.2001 end_thread In that spot might help with crashes.
  8. Another satisfied customer. Just be aware that I don't recommend saving games using SA Studios, as it "hooks" into the game transparently, so the game doesn't really know it's there. The worst that could happen is that it MAY mess up your save game. Otherwise, it won't affect anything else.
  9. To view ANY of the GTA animation files, you will need: Discreet 3DS Max or Gmax (google it) Kam's Tools (includes the ifp importer/exporter; this is a link to his tutorial topic, which has links for his scripts inside) There's a LOT of keyframing involved, so you might want to look into how that works first. Have fun.
  10. If you have a San Andreas shortcut on your desktop, right click on it and bring up Properties. You can also do this from the Start Menu shortcut. Click on the "Find Target" button near the bottom of the dialog box. A new window will pop up showing your GTA:SA directory.
  11. In VC CamHack, click on Text Output Settings and remove the checks from the first four boxes. Click save and close. Gauges are gone. In the SA CamHack, there is a Toggle Guages command; click on Control Settings and map the command to a key (default is NUMPAD 3). Click save and close. Guages are gone if you want.
  12. Thanks Jar-Jar! Good to see you again!
  13. If you're just using a few (or less) players and your net connection is fast enough, you can host it right from your own PC. See the forums at SA-MP.com for details.
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