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  1. I'm pretty confident I'm gonna beat Gycu now, since I just reached the limit on images.

    And what's with Ghost/Godfather? Did you guys form a pact or something?

    I think they're madly in love or something. No offence if you guys arent.

    So the Medal of Honor award is for best topic in the Warzone when it was around?

  2. Umm i forgot to explain to everyone. I use a website called userbarmaker.com and i can only use two colors for the background. I can use any pic but you wont be able to see it very well (Only the middle). If you still want it i'll make it.

    edit: It will be $15 ill have it up in a few minutes.




  3. Hey everyone merry christmas! So whats everyone doing for christmas?

    Im having a turkey dinner with patatoes, chips, gravy, garlic bready, and something with vegetables in it. Six people people are eating dinner including my family but some of them arent family. So merry christmas!

  4. I wanna try this one last time. If it fails I wont bring it back up again. So heres the current re-opening deals:

    Purchase more than $50 and get your order doubled. (If you order 5 userbars with img. get 5 more with img.)

    Fourth poster gets a free userbar w/out a image.

  5. Every Christmas Eve i get to open one present of mine. I opened one at 1:00am this morning and I got some sweet hawk clothing shirts. I got not a clue who there from my parents said they woke up one morning and there were lots of presents under the tree and my parents dont know who their from. They just appeared there and I know its not from my parents because we ran out of wrapping paper weeks ago and they appeared there a few days ago. Weird huh?

  6. The more I see the more I want. I just wish I could get a PS3 with GTA IV for my birthday (April 20th). Im pretty sure it would be released before then. I like the second and third pictures the most. And about that car that looks like theres something in the way I think its just a flat.

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