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  1. however it would be nice to the Zombietech Coorporation again, if thats the name?

    No it was Zaibatsu Corporation.

    YoungEra, The bigfoot thing and the ghost of Beverly, etc you probally saw on youtube right? Well someone played, saved the game, and edited the video to have those things in it. They probally used fraps or something like that. But there are the Bigfoot prints.

    It would be intersting though like the phone and the bodybags. Maybe theres more. Walk around IV more maybe you'll find something.

  2. or noob starts off this site now, you constantly spam e-maintained is to irritate team of officials and posting to scrap topic randomly do not post so that begins outside the place or we ban-the-we will do and to always keep topic randomly post -- Is a front-page of the forum and rashon 's count of the terminal will be overtaken by Alucard' s

    I dont get it.

  3. I used google translate and this is what they gave me:

    or noob começa fora deste local agora, você constantly spam e-mantém is to irritate team of officials and afixar to sucata topic randomly do not borne assim começa fora that do local or nós proibi-the-emos to always do eo topic randomly borne manter - is a na-page dianteira destes forum and rashon 's contagem do terminal will be overtaken by Alucard' s

    They Couldnt translate everything

  4. Whenever i put my full name up everything is news articles on when my Uncle got thrown in jail after he was in a cop chase and he hit a guy and kill the driver. The Danny part was my uncles lawyer. I know him too hes my grandmas best freinds son.

  5. Thompson wrote. "Further, indictments should be handed down against Wal-Mart, Best Buy, GameStop, and all other retailers distributing this game to minors at their retail stores, openly, to kids who are only seventeen."

    He should stop trying! If he doesnt like the girls then the hell with him he like a fly! If he keeps doing this i bet the judge wont let him back in the courtroom to keep protesting and filing law suits. Also i think most people under 18 is wit ther eparents and if they wanted to hot coffe a girl their parents would stop them.

  6. i voted for big gang because when i buy IV for myself im surely gonna join but im not sure about the other gangs because some of us here are on two different GTA sites.

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