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  1. I doubt that Claude would go through all the troubles and just shoot her, he did risk his life for her (he did actually risk his chance to get big money from the mob but he eventually went for Maria)

    The gunshot could be from the song, i've heard many songs have gunfire in them, the enging song could have a gunshot.

    OR he could have shot someone else or someone else could have shot him, the screen was black, for all i know of he could have shot a banana tree.

    What do you mean by going through all the troubles to kill her? They were alone in the Dam all he had to do was lock, load then blast her in her blabberhole. Takes less then 2 seconds.

  2. Why does it say the Raider's are unofficial at the top but official at the bottom?

    ____________________________________________________/ Unofficial Gang \

    The Raiders - Official

    [ Recruitment Topic ] - [ Public Chat Topic ]

    Description: This is The Raiders Motorcycle Club. Where motorcycles roar and pool cues fly. When we ride on the streets, we always ride together. In a formation, we ride with no fear and mercy for others. We are The Raiders Motorcycle Club. The game is over.

    Leader: NotYouHaha

    Previous Leader: (none)

    Status: Official

    Involved with MTA: Yes

  3. Ok thanks guys. I didnt save last night and now I have to do another 20 tags. So I didnt check my safehouse :|

    edit: Ok yeah theres an AK47, SMG, Sawn-Off shotty and Molotov cocktails.

  4. Ok... Back on topic? Love is love. If you love someone then you should be able to spend the rest of your life with that person. If you happen to love someone of the same gender, then you should be aloud to be with eachother...

  5. Hey guys. on my Xbox i just got 100 tags and i was wondering, whats the reward? When i got 100 it said "All Tags Sprayed" and the mission complete music played and that was it. Do i get any new vehicles that spawn or some guns?

  6. ^ I was playing CA for awile but i just deleted it to make room for San Andreas.

    Im playing Unreal Tournament 99. My online on it wont work right now im waiting for it to load a multiplayer room and if it doesnt work this time Im giving up.

  7. Everyone we have a new member trickstar34

    he is the only one from GTAF that has regged here, thanks to me. He's really nice, and he's sick of GTAG and GTAF's spammers. So I brought him to

    the best place in the world. Be nice to him. Try to guess his age

    Hes somewhere between_and_! Welcome trickstar!

  8. This is just like The Sims yeah it could ruin the GTA Franchise. It would be good for a brand new game. I think people like SA:MP more is because your system needs less requirements. If they made a game like this i might play it but not if they make it a GTA game. And yes alot of people would rather play a shitty deathmatch or 'other' And like to kill and die because its part of the game.

  9. ^ most of the people in this gang are inactive, away, and can't even run IV on their PC's.

    I can barely run SA on my comp -.-

    So Lil_G Some of your posts ARE spam and its up to NYH to let you in so well just see again when you get 100 posts. Ill check out your posts more. Right now my votes no too.

  10. Ok, maybe some other gta game. What about San Andreas?

    Wouldnt that just be Boyz n Da Hood with missions and i bit more action? Id watch it Boyz n da hood was pretty good. But the same thing goes for a vice city movie it would be a rip off of another movie. Though not much of a rip as VC would be of Scarface....

    Oh yeah and Spaz thats a good idea. Instead of a 'minisode' though they could make like a TV series.

  11. Hey guyz. On my comp i have 2 HDDs. One has 18gb left and its my main one (C:). And i have another one thats called data and it has 85 gb left (D:). Now i was wondering if i was able to use my drive D: HDD instead of my drive C: one cause it has more space.


  12. K Gaiiz i migth be able to get MTA :D The thing is i cant pay for GTA 4 so itll have to be torrent download lol. Im not sure though just need to know about how much space GTA 4 takes up and maybe my version wont be able to play online but i could give it a try :)

    Pretty sure we play MTA with San Andreas bro.

    ORLY? Well maybe something can get arranged. Ill just need to make a lil space on my comp...

    and Lil_G Get 100 posts first and apply int he gang system and our recruitment topic please.

  13. K Gaiiz i migth be able to get MTA :D The thing is i cant pay for GTA 4 so itll have to be torrent download lol. Im not sure though just need to know about how much space GTA 4 takes up and maybe my version wont be able to play online but i could give it a try :)

  14. You can put mp3 files on the game just the same way how you do it in Vice City, but I don't how to bring back the old stations.

    And how do you put it in VC? Idc that much abotu the old stations but it would be nice to have some music...

    edit: Oh yeah forgot to say yeah i did get a NO CD Crack :P And i was too lazy to go out to a store.

  15. I just got GTA 3 for my Computer and my radio has no music. So I was wondering is there any way i can put my own Music MP3s to listen too into the game or is there someway i can get the radio stations back?

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