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  1. Hey...i saw some topic saying something about Ratman, i tried 2 reply, bt it was already closed..bt th truth is ive seen him..mayb ppl wont believe, bt anyways, let me jst say it, cz i guess i hav th freedom 2 tel my story here isnt it? lol anyways, i was drivin a infernus tru th railways, when being really stupid, i went against th train, bt i miracly managed 2 escape alive..lol..i jumped out jst in tym, n then i had 2 go th whole tunnel..by foot!!! dnt like using cheats..anyways, when i was jogging tru th tunnel(in the darkest part of th tunnel) sum wat luked 2 b a beggar came to me running 4m behind, stopped in front of me n said...''Hey, my name is Ratman...and I don't like you''..afta he statrd sprinted, n i tried 2 catch him, so i went after him at full speed, bt the guy was soooo fast!!! he jst disapeared, afta a minute or 2...bt i cudnt c his face, thea was a lot of hair..so i realli dnt knw..i jst knw tht th guy runs sooooo fast, its impossible 2 catch him on foot!! i went thea many otha tyms agen, wit a byke, bt ive neva seen him agen...so thts my story :/

    Plain and simple I don't really believe you, I'm sure many people have walked and ran through the tunnels, and obviously no one has seen him, or posted picture or video evidence of him, so until I see that and its not modded its a myth, and as we all know myths in GTA are not real.

    Also, dude, work on your spelling, I mean seriously...

  2. @Steam: Sorry I as gone already so I didn't see your post going on.

    I'll probably be on tomorrow afternoon again (I'm in Germany, Europe remember, not sure about the time difference to Macedonia) or do you live somewhere else?

    Anyway, I'll see you gusy online tomorrow hopefully.

    @Spaz: Yeah that was a buckload of fun we need to come up with more fun ideas.

  3. Ive noticed there are a few cluckin bell's and burger shots that are closed and there are some diners you cant go into. I was wondering if they ever open up in the game? Can you possibly buy them or anything like that? I forget the exact location but i have ran all the way around the building and cant find a way in, so i was wondering if they ever open up or anything like that?


    The closed ones can usually be used for Dates and Friend activities, but you don't get a inside cutscene like you had in San Andreas.

  4. Yeah Franswurst you can set all of them in the MTA SA controls though, go to Settings > Controls and hit "Load Defaults" but I recommend doing it in Singleplayer because I'm not sure if it fucks with your mouse or not.

    It might, at first my mouse didn't work, and that was because in Single Player I had it set up for Controller. I'll load it up and see if I can figure out the hydra controls. Thanks!

  5. I know this is a very big bump, but I think this is a discussion that can keep going, I've recently started this subject on another forum as well.

    As we all probably know now there is now Ground Zero, and no Towers in GTA IV. Of course Rockstar is smart enough not to do anything with that because of the controversy it might cause. Personally I have to disagree, if they would put a construction site there, that would be fine, they could even have a sign that says "In Memory of bla bla bla" Sure it wouldn't Rockstar's style as they tend to parody everything, but it could have given them a better rep among people again.

    Also I think it would have been fine if they would have put the WTC towers in, this could again be a tribute.

    Now to all you people who are going to say, but GTA being a game where you kill people and all and blow stuff up, if you do it on the Ground Zero site, or on the WTC towers then that's controversial and not cool of Rockstar, then all I can say is, its not Rockstar, its YOU, you can decide not to do this on that certain site, also LC is based on New York, so whats the difference if you kill someone close to the Rotterdam Tower (Empire State Building) or if you kill someone at thw WTC (if they were there)? Because there was a tragedy there? Well you don't know what tragedies there have been in other places of New York, so going on that you shouldn't kill anyone at all anymore in GTA.

  6. Dude, I know the staff is dealing with you, but take it from someone who also runs a forum. Just stop being immature, don't break the rules, and stop sucking up with stupid apologies. Just do what the staff told you and stop making stupid topics and immature posts.

    If you want to show people you're sorry and willing to change then do it, but don';t juyst make stupid apologies in your sig or topics and then keep breaking rules and stuff.

  7. I did Spawn one, and I haven't just tried it jumping from a plane...so yeah, maybe the Server workers can fix this? Parachutes are fun :P

    The parachute bug is a mta problem

    Aw man, so it probably won't be fixed huh? At least not for a while...


    Also, I'd like to report someone...I was molested...



  8. Yeah I actually planned on asking that myself. Don't expect an answer though...

    I'll try my trick of engaging in casual conversation then randomly slipping in a question to catch them off guard :P

    I'll also ask about the next DLC too... when it's coming, is it a new story, or will it carry on from Niko or Johnny... etc.

    Yeah, nice hopefully catching them off guard will work.

    On a side note, do you have GTA IV for the PC as well or just Xbox?

  9. Here my question after realizing you're going back to New York:

    As you said R* probably won't reveal too many things but maybe you could find out if the DLC will at least come to the PC, since it is technically Microsoft and all? That would be my main interest.

  10. I always go via the homepage as I just type tgtap.com and then check the news then go to the forums. I think most 'veteran' members here, tend to go right to the forum as its become their community, so they wanna see whats new with everyone else.

    Also when you go to View New Posts, the news topics come up as well. Personally I don't think there's anything TGTAP needs to improve, some people might just not be interested, I didn't actually realize you're going to NY again, (should read more careful), but I do have a question for you to pose and will post it in that topic.

    Like I said I don't think there's anything TGTAP needs to improve, its just the way the people are.

  11. Nope. Yeah it's an absolute pain in the arse but it's the only way you can be sure!

    Best thing to have done is to have used a 100% checklist when you first started the game, bit late of me to say now but it saves time in the long run :)

    Lol yeah, I've only played through the game once now, and I decided I;d go for 100% already, usually I just play through and have some fun for a while then I start over, and do that. I'll see, guess I got a lot of Friends to see... :(

  12. We all know that to get 100% you must have taken every friend on every possible activity that they can do at least once. My question is, is there some way to see which activities I have taken them on? Under the Stats I only found the Stat for how often I've done something with them, but not which activity I did with them.

    I really don't feel like doing each activity with each Friend again...lol.

  13. Dude, you already made this topic once before I think in the GTA SA mod section or some crap.

    Anyway, there is no Ratman and no other myths of any sort, same as every other GTA.

    If you heard about it, maybe you actually mean Badman? A friend of Little Jacob.

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