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  1. .... That isn't called rendering.... That is cutting out.

    Is it? I thought rendering was when you take a pic, or graphic and remove the background and stuff. Don't you call something a render when its just a certain object, person, or graphic taken out of a different image?

    Actually, no. That's a common misconception. Rendering is when the machine produces/creates an image or something in the image. In Photoshop, rendering takes place when applying any filter. However, where the confusion probably comes from is the term "render", in the sense of a 3D image. When you turn your 3D model into a 2D image, that's called rendering. And there are "renders" of video game characters all over the web((they aren't promotional art or screenshots, just the character modeled and posed, then rendered)). People would cut out these renders, and say they had a "render". Apparently the process of cutting out the character became known as "rendering".

    Hopefully I didn't go to far on that description. :whistle:

    Actually that's a very nice explanation, that's why I said rendering since I was thinking it would be called a render so I thought to get it it would be called rendering, lol.

  2. I'm going to say no - you need a new graphics card. An 8600 at least.

    Actually the min requirement is GeForce 7900, so the 8400 shouldn't be a problem.

    The rest of your system should also be fine.

    Actually, if you do some research on Nvidia graphics cards, you'll find that the 7900 is a far better card than the 8400. Nvidia name their cards so that the first number indicates the generation (meaning that the 8400 is newer) and the second number indicates its range (eg 8600 is mid-range, 8800 is top-end, wheras the 8500, 8400, or lower are not designed for gaming). This confuses many people who are new to building PCs and means that companies can get away with selling crappy graphics cards to people without them knowing - hence all the people complaining about crap performance on their PCs.

    Ah yeah, that's interesting. I guess I was one of those people you just described, who assumed it being higher it would be fine. I have a 8600 GT myself so my GTA works great.

  3. also do you have to downgrade san andreas to play the multiplayer.

    I think you do but i wouldn't know that because i never up graded my game from patch v1.1 or what ever its called and also i would say mabey you uninstaled the mod wrong ive done that before.

    If I remember correctly, you do I think it even says that on the official site. I remember having to downgrade and I'm pretty sure that was for multiplayer.

  4. I prefer nVidia for the GFX, but thats because I've never had anything else and don't know much about ATI.

    As for AMD or Intel, its intel all the way, I had a AMD processor once which was supposed to be the same as (I think back then it was Pentium 4) but it really wasn't, and a friend of mine who deals with Computers a lot also said, that even if two processors from AMD and Intel are supposed to be the same they won't be, as AMD just doesn't have the amount of money to stick into research as Intel does, which is true. Now I have Intel and my PC is running great.

  5. Agreed^

    I'm a long time fan of Fast and the Furious though so either way I'll enjoy it.

    What I don't appreciate is they didn't mention JA RULE. He was in the first movie as Edwin and I REALLY think he should make a return to get his music career back up again.

    Plus, Jesse, Leon, Vince, the Asian guy in the first race; if all these make a return it'll be really awesome.

    Johnny Tran. And I fucking HATED Edwin. I hated that line. It made me cringe every time I heard it. "IZ NOT HOW YOU STAND BY YO CAR" >.<

    Didn't Jesse die? So they can't bring him back...and the others if they brought back all the same people then it would be just a remake of the first one, its not supposed to be a tribute or a remake its supposed to be a new movie in the series but with the original protagonist (Vin and Paul), although I wouldn't mind them bringing back Vin's sister :D

    But yeah I'm a long time fan as well so I'll also enjoy it and watch it no matter what others say.

    I don't get people saying the movie is bad because the trailer had SOulja Boy, just because you don't like Soulja Boy doesn't mean a movie will be bad that has his song.

  6. If a gay person pretends to be straight forever, it tears them up inside, and like i said - leads to a horrifically high number of teenage gay suicides, or those of closeted adults.

    Not the same, but similar, did you see that movie Prayers for Bobby? People said it looked stupid((lol, I almost said gay XD)), but I thought it was interesting. About a gay teenager who's family and town think he should try to "cure" it through God and he ends up killing himself. And that sparks a change in his mother and the town as a whole. Supposedly based on a true story.

    Not sure if I've seen parts of the movies or just heard about the real story, but it sounds very familiar. Or maybe thats just because I've heard of a couple of cases where gay teens ended up committing suicide because they couldn't handle the "pressure" of being gay and having to hide it, and live with people condemning them for it, etc.

  7. so i found this site with moving avatars, and i saved one and when i set it as my av it didnt move, someone help me please

    ps. it saved as .gif

    Does the saved avatar move when you view it on your PC?

    If not why not just use the link that you found it at, and paste it in the avatar options, maybe that will work?!

  8. That signature really oughta be banned considering that any nudity will get you warned on this site...... :thumbsdown:

    This topic should just be locked because this post obviously proves that he just has no idea what he's talking about, and that this is a complete waste of other peoples time, since he can't even go into the arguments made, and has to resort to pitiful comments about a sig, thats not breaking any rules...

  9. Yeah you have to tap it just right, it takes a few tries.

    But that's the challenge, doing it without the police.

    My suggestions is go to the Helitours, there's usually at least 5 guys there, and that's all you need as on one guy you can usually perform to counters, making it 10 counters if you have five guys. Thats how I got it and since there's no police generally around the heli tours its a safe place to do it.

    EDIT: Just realized, remember that I changed my key config. So you need to have a look what the original key is.

  10. Vin plays a pretty cool character in these series. I loved his little cameo at the end of Tokyo Drift.

    Same here!

    It's a guy movie. It may not be realistic..... At all.... But shit explodes, chick get half-naked, and it all looks cool.

    She gets us. :P

    I'm a fan of the F&F series, I was sad that Vin wasn't in the second one, then surprised when they went completely in another direction by doing Tokyo Drift, and psyched when I found out they were making a new movie with the original people. I like all three movies, to me its not about being the greatest movie out there, I just like the well I guess fast cars, action, and chicks, but nothing wrong with that in my opinion, of course its not realistic most movies aren't meant to be, so what?

    I know people hate Soulja Boy, but I didn't think it ruined the trailer.

  11. I don't know if any of you would be willing to do this, but I really need the picture below to be rendered, so basically just get rid of the black background so I purely have the Age of Orton graphic with the mask and all. And that I can then use that Render either to change it, or just to use like that on say the forums.

    I really just need it rendered, the rest I can do myself:


    Already a great big thanks in advance to anyone who would do this for me!

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