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  1. Yes I too am stuck on this mission. And I wanted to ask if anyone here would do it for me? I have GTA San Andreas for PC version 1.01.

    I'd really appreciate someone doing it. Also and additional question, can you just fly through the Corona when you approach the plane, or do you really need to get behind the plane.

  2. Hello everyone!! I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaccckk! Most of you won't remember me as I became inactive a long time ago, but I've decided to make a return. I've posted in the Rec thread so I hope my status in the Gang gets sorted out soon.

    How has everyone been?

  3. I wanted to say that I am actually still in the Gang I've just been gone for a long time, if you check the Gang System (beta) you see I am in there. I am the Elite Cadre for Slavik Von Stockholm under the Mafioso Connection. SInce I am getting active again, I'd like to be added to the list again, and maybe somebody could give me the Password to the private forum and a sig...?

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