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  1. You are right, the second edition for some reason prevents people from Modding it, probably so you can't remod the Hot Coffee thing, since thats hwy they had to bring out a second addition.

    As far as I know people have come up with downgrade patches so you can downgrade to the original, and then mod the game again. I'm not sure if this works for the second edition games though, or only the first edition games that were upgraded with a patch.

    Do a google search on downgrade san andreas or something.

  2. I'm sorry, but I just can't read this and not comment as well.

    1+ 2) Spaz already said a great deal on this and most of what I wanted to say, Obama is only legalizing abortion up to the end of the first trimester, since that is the official thing in the whole world (where abortion is legalized), its very rare cases that abortions after that are allowed and its usually only when rape was involved. And as Spaz said, its a FETUS its not yet a living being in the first trimester, it doesn't have a brain or a heart yet, it might be "living" inside the mother already, but its nothing it doesn't know it exists, and is greatly undeveloped. You can't really compare abortion (what you say killing a human) with actually killing a born child or a grown man/woman.

    3) Yeah, really weren't thinking on that one were you...?

    4) His first telecast was for Iranians? You say this even though you don't know and just heard about it, can you present factual evidence of this? And either way, does it matter? Do you think he sent them subliminal messages saying "look i'm now president, we can begin taking over america?" He's President of the USA, which makes him one of the, if not the most important man in the World, so as such he also has to appeal to the whole world.

    5) Considering you are all about human rights and not killing a human being (abortion) you however on the other hand think its ok to torture people and treat them without any rights and dignity? Yes, SOME of the prisoners in Guantanamo are terrorists, but there's also some who are not, by closing Guantanamo, Obama is making sure that these people can be filtered out, and have their rights restored. And once Guantanamo is closed and the prisoners have been prosecuted they will be handed out to the authorities of the respective countries.

    6) See #3

    7) So you think spending 1.3 Trillion Dollars (which like you said the US doesn't have) to try and save the countries economy, and prevent people losing jobs etc, is bad, but spending over 10 Trillion Dollars (which again the US don't have) on a war that was started under false pretenses is good?

    8) Good, see above.

    9) And? Here we are on the subject of Humans again, and homosexuality dates back to long before Christ. I always love the Christians (Catholics at least) who condemn homosexuality, and then their priests go around molesting little boys...

    I myself was born catholic but like many here, over the years I got smart, and realized that (to me) the bible is a bunch of bullshit, and has caused more damage than good. I think its ok to believe in something, everyone needs something to give them hope, but I can't understand those people who believe the bible word for word.

    10) Maybe a young/inexperienced guy is what America needs for once, there is a need for change, and maybe Obama can bring it. I'm not American, but if I were I would have voted for Obama because I think he was the better candidate. Do I believe he will make a huge difference and change everything and make everything good? No, I don't but I believe he will try his best and knows that a lot of things need to change. Anybody expecting a miracle from Obama is stupid, but believing in Obama is not.

    Now, I don't know if its true that you're 13 or not, but if it is, you really should not be starting political discussions like these, because you're just not old enough yet, to know a lot. You just know what you're parents tell you, what others tell you, but you need to get a little older so you can also start making up your own opinions, so you can gather your own knowledge. I don't mean this in an insulting way, but you're the one who is inexperienced when it comes to politics, and the world because you're probably just too young to understand it all.

  3. It sounds very interesting, but at the same time very scary I think it will cause a lot of problems with Hackers and stuff like that. I don't know I just can't see tat much good coming from it. I agree with Spaz, I don't think the positives can outweigh the negatives.

  4. I took the revenge/badass killer route for most of the game. (I've played through it once now) I killed all the guys instead of sparing them and I killed Derrick because I read that Francis

    gives you the clear wnated level thing, even if he never helped me when i tried

    and yeah took revenge in the end, might do some things differently next time.

    Yeah, that was my reason too but I never knew that Francis' ability is disabled after the storyline is done.

    I was pissed off because everytime I tried calling Francis he never answered...so I always had to call

    my darling Kiki instead

  5. I took the revenge/badass killer route for most of the game. (I've played through it once now) I killed all the guys instead of sparing them and I killed Derrick because I read that Francis

    gives you the clear wnated level thing, even if he never helped me when i tried

    and yeah took revenge in the end, might do some things differently next time.

  6. The problem I had was I always kept hitting that stupid orange thing that's right in the middle of the beach and exactly on the track to the ramp, just remember it, and smoothly drive past it, and then jump off the ramp, as has been said you don't have to be full speed you just need to hit the marker to activate the jump cutscene, and then keep tapping the button it tells you to tap.

    Once you're in you'll be flying the chopper and then all you need to do is follow the boat, but fly high so Pegorino doesn't hit you before he is supposed to hit you ;)

  7. Not a chance. This patch just made my game worse, at one I am full of graphical corruptions, at two sometimes my GFX card refuses to render even if I have the textures at low, water at low, reflections at low...

    I'm very disappointed with this patch.

    Same for me, ironic thing is before the patch I didn't have these problems...

  8. It was a tough call between Niko and Tommy, but I went with Tommy in the end because to me he just has the full package, he's the badass Mafia man who knows how to handle business, and knows how to be successful.

    Niko is a real badass, and kills anyone who gets in his way which is cool, but his character isn't strong enough to make that final leap to greatness

    as he ends the game pretty much how he started it.

  9. The Final mission 'Out of Commission" its called right? Anyway:

    So I kill all the bad guys, and chase Jimmy P, and get on the bike, but then when I get to the part where I'm supposed to jump off the ramp towards the heli, what do I do? I hit that stupid Orange/white striped thingy the ones that also stand on the bridges and road works, and of course I land horribly and fall to the ground, lose the heli and Jimmy P's boat.

    The reason this is such a big fail is that I needed like 5-6 tries to finally beat the mission because I ALWAYS failed at that same part, always hitting the little orange thing...

  10. I'm surprised that this wasn't done yet with the PC Version being out now.

    And since not everyone who has the PC Version has an Xbox as well, so post your Games For Windows Live Gamertag here.

    Mine is:


    P.S. Maybe this can get pinned as well so its easily accessible?

  11. Kate doesn't like you anymore since you obviously chose to do the money deal, instead of get revenge.

    If you would have chosen the revenge path something else would have happened, which I won't reveal her now, since I don't wanna spoil it for you.

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