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  1. Hello, I just recently installed a gangsystem on my own forums I'm on, but the default requirement settings are only money and posts, no here we also have the settings must have been here for a minimum of so and so many days, and ust not be in another gang...

    So I wanted to ask the admins here, if I could possibly get the coding for those extra functions?

    Hope you understand what I mean

  2. No. What if the old gangs are erased and a few dons happen to be gone, then when they get back all the positions are filled and then BAM! We just lost a couple good gangs for some crappy ones. No. Some gangs are fuckin' grandfathered in and can't be removed. You know, like the VERY FIRST ORIGINAL((as in, non-copied name and layout)) GANG, the Dragon Stealths. The DS came around not even a week after Chris decided to add gangs. Sorry, but a gang like that will not be taken down and risk not being able to be re-created.

    And yes, it may sound like I'm just defending my own gang, but I'd be defending it whether I was in it or not. It's a veteran gang here. Infact, I might close it off to veterans only((unfortunately we don't have much of those)).

    No I actually comnpletely udnerstand that, I was also thinking more of the newer gangs ot of the vet gangs that have been around for ages and since the beginning :)

  3. ^ knows how to paly this game

    < obviously doesn't

    V will explain it to me

    wait let me guess, with the "^" you don't reply to what the previous person said about the next poster, you just say something else about the person above you, like where he's from, is that right?

  4. That saves quite a lot of effort actually, but what about what the gangs can do? Recruit members, RP, buy stuff, gang war, have positions/ranks etc?

    Yeah I think that is what they can do, and I also think each gang should be able to make their own requirements for people to enter...since everyone is different.

    And I also think Admin moderation is better then an automatic system,also gives the Gangs more life/heart.

  5. I recently installed a total conversion mod for Vice City, and whole i made a back up of my data folder, I forgot to backup my TXT folder, so I really need all original TXT files for the languages, so I can undo the mod again.

    Does anyone have them or know a site I can get them?

  6. Bump, so what has been decided now? Is the staff working on these suggestions?

    EDIT: I have another idea if we remodel the gang system we could make it start new, all old gangs get "taken away' and then there is a limited amount of new gangs that can be made, and the first say 5-10 (depends how many gangs are allowed) people can submit their gang idea and get to do it if it's good.

    The old gangs could of course redo their gang aswell, they'd just have to resubmit it...

  7. Based on what you you have all said, tgp needs a new gangs system, where the entry requirements to start a gang do not include money, with no copied gangs and a new method of RP.

    Um, yeah that sounds about right, but I still think if people really want to take gangs from the Games they can (I doubt that many people will actually do this, but I think they should still have the possibility)

  8. @Spaz: I know Rockstar didn't invent the word Cartel, I never said that, I was just giving an example!

    And the kindof RP that I'm suggesting is different from what I have seen so far on most GTA forums, it was always just gang wars, but never real realistic Rp as if it's a GTA game...

    @Akuma: There will still be requirements to start a gang, but no cost.

  9. Yeah thats not bad, I think it's easy to get 500 posts together among 5 quality members don't you? And it shows dedication I think...

    Only thing is, it might be better to make it 3 people and 300 posts, because for new gangs it will be hard to get members...

  10. Yeah, that is what i'd like to see, and about the gangs, there should still be the individual gangs, but if people want they can take a gang from the GTA games or base a gang on it. For instance, I have a gang on that forum I linked to called the Wolfpack Cartel. It's absed on the Colombian Cartel from GTA3, but ionly incorporated the Cartel from GTA3 in the story, the rest I made up myself :)

    Also if we do that when you have properties you are also able to make positions for those porperties. Youcoudl also own a tuning Garage or whatever you want :)

  11. Yeah, I agree with that there should still be individual gangs not premade gangs from the game as well!

    Anyway, as example I can only give GTA-junkies...it's the only forum I've seen that type of RP on...I'll link you straight to the Gang RP there.

    gta-junkies.com Gang Events Section

    Read through the topics there, you should get the basic idea.

    Basically it's Rp as if you are in Vice City, or Liberty City or wherever, and then the Gangs can own properties which they acquire in auctions, but there will only be Auctions every couple of months so gangs won't have an unlimited amount of property. And each gang will get a Property to start off with, the property has to be from one of the GTA games though. Like the "Ocean View Hotel" for example.

    And then you RP as if you were in Vice City, example:


    Franswurst was cruising down the boulevard in his Banshee. Enjoying the sites and sun of Vice City he arrives at the Ocean View Hotel. He pulls over to the side and parks his car. He then gets out and enters the Hotel.

    Franswurst walks over to the reception.

    Receptionist: How may I help you?

    Franswurst: I'd like a room please, the biggest you got!

    Receptionist: Certainly sir, here you go the penthouse sweet.

    Franswurst takes the key and nods as he leaves for the elevator. He pushes the button and the doors slide open, he gets inside and pushes the button for the top floor. The elevator sets in motion and browses to the top floor, there is a short ring, and the doors slide open again. Franswurst walks out of the elevator to a door, and unlocks it with the key, he enters his penthouse...


    That my friends, is really and good RP :)

    Sorry for mistakes I am in a hurry, be back later.

    If you guys are interested in this kindof RP let me know, I'd be willing to lead this project, I'm intoducing it on two other forums :)

  12. Well that isn't a bad idea, but a betetr suggestion for RP is what they have on GTA-Junkies, just make the Rp as if it's a GTA game...Gangs can own properties from the Game (The Malibu, V-Rock Station) things like that, and then the gangs can have friendly, fun RP in there, and they can go on imaginary missions against a 3rd person RP character. And if they want to fight each other they'd do it at a property, and not make those stupid Gang War threads which are unrealistic.

    Make the RP realistic as if it were a GTA game.

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