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  1. Pido

    Secrets and Easter Eggs

    Ya i noiced that i was like WTF typo?
  2. Pido

    Will you be getting it?

    I will definetly get GTA for the PSP and Ill get the PSP
  3. Pido

    Radio Stations

    Oldies? Classic Rock and more bluegrass and country!
  4. Pido

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    Even more RPG (dunno how thats gonna happen) more variety of missions HUGE selection of cars and WAY more planes skateboard scooter, jumpropes and pogo sticks!!! that would be fuckin awesome A choice of 2 missions that when you do 1 it greatly affects the other one being able to play as a good guy killin gangsters more l8r
  5. Pido

    which is the superior game?

    GTA3 was more of a gritty realistsic looking city I liked VC equally as much as GTA3 But vc had some kick ass music I knew all about the old GTA games and own every one Im not just voting GTA3 becuz of graphics it had some awesome game play which later VC expanded upon and lets not forget SA took the respect system from Gta2
  6. Pido

    Family Guy Forums

    Im not callin anyone a newb at least not directally.
  7. Pido

    Three Word Story

    find his balls
  8. Pido

    Gangs Of San Andreas

    That skins seriously too bright
  9. Pido


    I have not enuff posts forget it for now
  10. Pido

    Family Guy Forums

    oh my god... no matter how much I love family guy i just ant stand invisionfree boards they are sooo newbish
  11. Pido

    GTA Hood

    At least get an IPB "good" board and have someone hook your friend up with a nice logo and some skins
  12. Pido


    LOL omg there are "emos" at my school. Im not one FYI.
  13. Pido

    Game Problem

    Its not my cables. I made sure Its probably just that my discs bad
  14. Pido


    I posted THEN i noticed IPB and IBStore so lay off me guys Im very emotionally fragile lol My bad
  15. Pido

    Game Problem

    Well I bougth San Andreas and ive played it for hours then I came to this part where yuor doing missions for jizzy and theat one chick thats in the car with yuo starts talkin and her voice is like electronic screechin I think its becuz the disk is aa little scratched (nothing noticable right away) could maybe the Game Dr fix this? and i dont think its the scratches unless the new double layered DVD disk sa is on is way more sensitive.