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  1. Nice, but moded PCJ, man, that's wrong. The stunts are good and the music, too.
  2. Hey give me the money if this isn't a joke.
  3. Yeah, the comics are good but too small, anyway good find.
  4. I never liked episodic games like Sam & Max, but this could be different maybe one episode can upload another with new vehicles and people, weapons and places.
  5. Nice And, yeah, that poster is not very scary, but in the first look...
  6. Nice update and I like the new skin. Edit: And you're not losing money meter you are losing link to inventory of every person on this forum.
  7. Quacks to proclaim video game addiction as illness. Do you think this is needed. Will we gamers have big problems in future? Link Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Link
  8. Notice that guy in background is very like Bear in SA. This could be a first evidence of old characters in new GTA.
  9. Grate and I really like the gang biography. Grate thing keep it up.
  10. Welcome new ones to forums. Stay active.
  11. I would like to see some car made just for stunting. Fast and light, good handling and fast "speed-up".
  12. Here is my first picture I "published"
  13. I just hope that it will be out and for PC. Because I don't have next-console and I don't intend to. So I'll wait till 2k8 to play the game for the first time.
  14. Edit Handling.cfg file for the PCJ-600 to exact same thing as NRG-500 in SA. That should do the job, well.
  15. I would like too see that trunk feature in action also I would like to see and entering to building feature. And, yeah, it would be cool to see that special cousin on trailer.
  16. I like Coca-Cola more. And actually I drank Peps only once and I didn't like it so I don't drink it.
  17. New GTA4 trailer is a big thing. God I can't wait. And I agree with you Gycu. In first trailer we could only see some pics of the city and protagonist Niko Bellic. I really hope that we will see some guns and action in new trailer.
  18. Cops and Gang members should have better aiming and they can spend all ammo, too, not just us.
  19. I pushed Carbon with 512 Mb on Medium-High video options, so my guesses are: Min. 1.5 MHz 128 Mb Video Card 512 RAM 6 Gigs free space on HD
  20. AI must be great. The game should have more developed AI feature in GTA4. If they want to keep up with other game enemies must be able to defend them self with walls. boxes, cars and so on. They should be able to take a weapon from a fallen friend or enemy, couch and Peds should be team working and push you into trap. There should be no "Ped can't swim" thing what includes cops, regular people and bosses (Stronger people that you need to kill to complete the mission. Like Big Smoke in San Andreas). Peds should be able to use what they have, that means they won't avoid (or pass by) energy and armor packs.
  21. EA have almost all games on low hardware request, so if you have something under 128 Mb of Graphic Cart it won't work everything else will, believe me. But I'll try to get some info about it.
  22. God knows how many NFS games EA will release but here is new one. EA will keep the old feature of crazy street racing on hot road on the edge of realism, but now things are changed. NFS: PS will be an simulation. The game will bring us a whole new level of realism with we couldn't see in previous Need for Speeds. You can now, like in Grad Turismo, drive on race roads like Sears Point Raceway. EA didn't want to say a lot more, but we will be able to drive and on streets in Asia and North America. EA started to work on PS in 2005 and after releasing Most Wanted they focused of three aspects: smoke, damage models and car on road behaving. One of the newest features is...damage. So there is no more "Hit the wall so you can turning faster" tactic. These damage models aren't a joke and be prepared for the Carmagedon type of damage. Damaging a car will make a huge difference in car behaving, it is not just a mask like in previous NFS. About the type of races, there is Drag races, Drift, Grip ( fancy name for circuit) and Speed Challenge. This drag won't be silly like it was in Most Wanted, highways full of traffic, it will be nice straight road two lines and people around the track. For every type of race you will need at last one car made for it. EA things of putting 250 different corporations in game while only about 120 signed contract. Need for Speed: Pro Street will be out for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Playstation 2, PSP, PC and on mobile platforms. Official page What do you expect from it? Will you buy it and for what will you buy it?
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