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  1. Avatar: 5/10- I don' get it Signature: 8/10 pretty cool, but what he heel does those two boxes doing there Personality: he was out for some time now he's back on the forums and so far seems to be one of the better people on this forum.
  2. I play (again) Fahrenheit! It is just a great game, man!
  3. Car and bikes races Golf Football Betting Tennis
  4. Yes, it could be pinned. I'm not that anctive in it as I was, but it is a very good topic.
  5. Avatar: 7/10 Signature 9/10 Personality: He is very active at stunting and he is very good member of this forum!
  6. ^ Brutal, what it is have to do with GTA3 I don't like: -no swimming -you can't talk -cars can explode fast
  7. Cars-weapons, bombs, kidnapped people, drugs, washed money, weapons, equipment... (just copy/paste this to your post and add now ideas if you want) That boot open thing can open a lot of features to the game.
  8. I think that Wii is a biggest gaming gadget, ya know. With that super original controls!
  9. R* always have a great missions scripts so I think it is gonna rock! Only thing that can happen is that you accidentally scach you ROM too much so it is unplayable.
  10. I would eat dead bodies Would you rather: Die in a E. Chair or from inaction?
  11. Here you go Edit: Looks like you didn't pass the game.
  12. Avi: 9 Sig 7.5 Personality: I think he is a great guy
  13. Link Do you think it is going to be a good movie?
  14. Yes, Silberio I guess so!

  15. I eat at the local one, but McDonald's grate, too.
  16. Thanks, Jace I edited the first post with your rules.
  17. Good artwork, but hat is AK-47 it doesn't look very realistic.
  18. There is one small one on LS docks and there is a bigger one in desert near LV.
  19. Today is an end of a hell of a bad weekend! Maybe this afternoon will give me some fun on PC or outside.
  20. Hard to believe that that will happen! Maybe police respect could actually be some police chief influence, so he can let you go or give your stuff to you for free
  21. What the!? One year!? I can finish 100 two months. Yes, yes I'm spending a lot of my free time on my computer, but that is what I do.
  22. That would be very great! But that still shouldn't effect on police chase for you.
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