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  1. Want a gang? join me and DH, do to recruitment topic and then go to Cold Russia Bikers

  2. General Boreaus


    what a great mod by switch designs. he and JVT rule the world of GTA modding
  3. General Boreaus

    Introduce Yourself..

    Hey thanks man.....i think im gonna like this forum The Gta Place rules!!!
  4. General Boreaus

    what is the best security program?

    I use norton because it came with my computer simple as
  5. General Boreaus

    What are you currently playing?

    Im playing elderscrolss oblivion, medieval 2 toal war and sims 2 for the novelty
  6. General Boreaus

    Will you be getting it?

    Yeh watch urself bossman btw torrents are not legal unless you know the peson you are sharing with PS- You dont need to buy a gba to get it, just do the legal thing and get an emualtor Get Visual Boy advance from here, it is the best it also plays gba and gbc games and from here get the rom ( the game file) the best for gba roms
  7. General Boreaus

    School Fight!

    yeh fights can be fun, but i had one where i was whacked arounf the head with a cricket bat, i was unconscious for 3 days lol
  8. General Boreaus

    How are you going to die?

    here is a quiz on how u r going to die: How you will die quiz i got 65% cut throat, 60% suicide, 60% Bomb, 45% natural Causes etc post your results here
  9. General Boreaus

    any smokers?

    Smoking is immature,crude and morally corrupts people. I am one of those people who have relatives that i see evryday who smoke around me. And personally, they have become so dependant on nicotine it has recked their lifes. Some of them smoke 300 cigarettes a week, and you can tell. their Breath is repulsive, their teeth are stained with a vile yellowish deposit, they are always out of breath due to the build up of cancerous tar in the bottoms of their lungs, and they seem to 'pop' outside every five minutes for a 'quick fag break' as they put it. Also, it doesnt just harm the smoker themselves, it harms the people around them. Thanks to my grandmother smoking around my mum when she was pregnant with me, i have a serious form of Asthma ( which i contracted due to damage to my lungs by passive smoking) that seriously hampers my breathing. Imagine how i felt when i was a young child, wanting to be a famous footballer, only to be out of breath in 5 minutes and seriously tired. it was really upsetting and painful. also every cigarette you smoke takes five minutes of your life. Five minutes you could spend with loved ones, playing GTA and having fun. It hasnt been helped by the fact that 5 years ago, you couldnt move without seeing a billboard advertising Lambert and Butler, benson and hedges or golden virginia tobacco. Add this to peer pressure from your mates who seem to have the idiotic idea that smoking is cool, and the young people of Britain were forced into smoking. May i also add that it emotianaaly cripples those around people who smoke, those who have to watch loved ones die in front of their eyes from their quick 5 minute fag break. I have seen two of my grandparents die from smoking related diseases, and it is not a nice experience. This thread is just advertising smoking, and that is wrong
  10. General Boreaus

    WOW! This is weird!

    This video will have been done with video editing software or kids playing pranks on one website, i seem to remember somebody writing a large article about how UFOS are either some massive conspiracy by NASA to make evrybody cough up hundreds of billions of dollars to pay for their space programs to amrs to find alien lifeforms, or some massive UN conspiracy to make the population of the earth talk about something other than the democratic shortcomings of the worlds governments Not that i am saying that their are no lifeforms other than ours, becuase i am a child of the Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy and i do believe that somewhere their is a advanced lifeform such as our own, and not some of these stereotypical aliens ( bald headed, wrinkly, brown and/or green). Also Hollywood doesnt help things either. Movies like Encounters of the third kind, aliens, ET and more just input starnge myths into people sad enough to believe that alien ufos would want to visit us What makes us so special? PS x-Gta-x, i believ that you have been sucked into the conspiracy
  11. General Boreaus


    i have bebo too, but only because my m8s have got it Any body tried Piczo, it pwns myspace, facebook and bebo
  12. General Boreaus

    Introduce Yourself..

    Hey all its boreaus here. I have just joined the forum, although i have played gta for about 4 years....own them all on pc Im looking forward to integrating mysaelf into the forum