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    I injoy spending time on the internet , which i find truely fun , i am a GTA fan i love the games and i also like to play SA:MP
  1. robo

    Video Game Pantomime

    SA:MP ROCKS!!!!!!!!
  2. robo

    Favorite Character?

    hmmmmm lugi because hes a part animal in a way u just got to look deep lol
  3. robo

    Best 6 star getaway car

    im gonna say the tank lol because all u have to do is stick easy car handleing cheat and cars fly and then aim behnd u and fire u fly far away hehe
  4. robo

    What did you dislike about GTA 3?

    not much realy i would still play it but it broke and i hate that you do all missions to get to third islnd and its tiny! lol
  5. robo

    favourite pedestrian saying

    My favourite saying would have to be "my mothers my sister" quoted in gta3 by a tramp while i was walking around getting a car
  6. robo

    gta 3 or vice city

    gta3 is a legendary game i could play itfor hours i love the game i sometimes question myself is it the best gta game ever sometimes i think yes then no because i like to go in helicopters and planes gta vise is gd too
  7. robo

    Favourite cheat(s)

    the cheats iinjoy are lock cop wanted lvl infinit health and amo also hydra i like going under bridges upside down
  8. robo

    Why are we still playing SA

    I still play it because its great game i got it day it came out it was well fun completed it fast though its a very fun game go CJ u rock!
  9. robo

    Secrets and Easter Eggs

    In gtg sa thers is also a zombotec on the secound island i have no picture at this time though but its real and people say about bigfoot but its only a monster truck near houseshoe rocks