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  1. Russian mafia ftw, biatch!
  2. They haven't said anything about it coming on PC at all have they? Nope, that's why I'm asking.
  3. I officially love Rockstar now, for making the new character Russian . Oh and the game won't be coming to PC's?
  4. Shit yeah! lol, I'm a Russian myself... Finally Russians back in action.
  5. Stop making so many f***ing topics.
  6. -Red


    PC ftw, I'm using PC and it's a real pain in the ass to fly around. Turning... Q/E for that thing and then what else cause otherwise it goes too slow.
  7. I just came to the part where you gotta learn how to fly... And I'm really stuck in here, lol. Maybe I understand the "instructions" wrong but hell, could someone explain how to actually turn normally and all?
  8. ROFL... Kid, you're planning to let everyone do stuff and you'll sit on your lazy ass and do nuthin'?
  9. I'll try them sawn-off's. For now I guess I'm going for the MP-5 since you can sprint, drive-by with it, etc.
  10. Doh, is there any way to make a mod for that or something? I'm trying to keep this game as real as possible, got everything adjusted and all, prices changed and gaining money is a pain in the ass, just like it is for me in real life. Damn them cars.
  11. Well since I just started the game (and I'm strongly 'against' cheats) where could I find all those weapons? I know there's a Tec9 spawning on the roof right next to Johnson's House and you can buy 'em but I just started playing GTA:SA. I'm sure there ways to quickly get them weapons, . For now I guess I'm going for Tec9, got about 1500 bullets on it but it's inaccurate. EDIT: Oh and is there any f***ing way to make sure your car stays where you left it!? Man, I'm sick of getting a new car, pimping it up, and then losing it again. The shit keeps disappearing, any mod against that or something?
  12. Cheats are for pussies, .
  13. Well I've played all GTA Series except San Andreas and I just got it now. Must say it's an awesome game and I already got the modifications I need (new roads, skins, etc) Now my question is which weapon should I get ''Hitman'' on. I know having all of them on "Hitman" is the 'best', but I'm not planning to run around the city with 12 weapons in my 'pocket'. Which weapon is the best, except the M4 cause I hate it . I'll stick with one gun and practice on it, but I really need to know from you experienced guys which one is the best for sorta 'all-round'.
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