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  1. So your saying that if you were a business and someone asked you to give them exclusive DLC for $50,000,00O you would say no to them and decline the huge amount of money because you feel like being 'loyal' to a company? Rockstar was also beginning to suffer from money problems so this was the perfect opportunity for them.

    Yes I know how it feels, I have a PS3 too. Yes I know how it feels, I was very annoyed the first time I heard too. But you got to think what you would have done if you were a business? Personally I'd rather someone gave me 50 million dollars if I gave them the rest of my pack of skittles and told my other friend to get lost.

  2. I'm just curious, but what has Microsoft got lined up for this years E3? Does anybody know?


    PM him about it if you really don't like it, instead of posting here as well. I thought it was a fair good discussion. Something we probably need more in this forum. Chill. And as for people worshipping, look at your XBL gamertag. EVERYONE has their favorites - and if you think L-RiC was worshipping there lmao, go ahead and label Mpilk and Ivan as worshippers as well.


    I am a worshipper! :awesome:

    I kid.

  3. Found the quote that I was looking for, it's apparently "Sony's Biggest E3 Show In 11 Years." That's from Sony's mouth themselves.

    Sony's current E3 lineup is as follows. This, of course, doesn’t include new game reveals.


    * Fat Princess

    * God Of War 3

    * Heavy Rain

    * Infamous

    * MAG

    * Ratchet And Clank: Future A Crack In Time

    * Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

    * White Knight Chronicles


    * Motor Storm Arctic Edge

    * Socom: U.S. Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo 3

    We can also expect to see plenty of other things such as unannounced games, new hardware/software etc.

  4. He lives in Australia, they probably don't have a shop for that business over there. That's a pretty fucking sweet deal though, I should get that when I move back to Scotland.

  5. The PS3 doesn't seem to be losing any momentum either. With the amount of exclusives it's due to get this year alone makes it this year's best console (at the moment).

    Now, back on topic?

  6. What model do you have? If you have the 40GB model try doing the fan test which is where you hold down the eject button while turning the PS3 on from the back switch. This will help clear your PS3 of dust. Also I suggest using a small hoover and running it over the air vents, I do this every so often to my PS3 to help keep it free of dust. If your PS3 still isn't working after all of this then just send it into Sony.

    It happens to every console now and then so stop getting so worked up about it.

  7. I'm pretty sure that's 100% fake. First of all, they used the PS2 font when they wrote PS3 and it also looked like shit. It's way too early for the PS3 slim, maybe a price cut? A price cut is all they really need to beat the 360.

    Nah, more like a tighter grip on their exclusives....and for that matter, good games.

    Serious? Have you not seen the PS3's exclusives? There's plenty of great games and even more are due to come out this year.

    A few to name are:

    -Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (don't forget Uncharted 2 which is due to come out this year)


    -Killzone 2

    -Motorstorm and Motorstorm: Pacific Rift

    -Gran Turismo 5


    -Pixeljunk series (PSN Exclusive)


    -Racthet and Clank series

    -Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2

    -Heavy Rain

    -God of War III



    -Valkyria Chronicles

    -Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier

    -Project Trico

    I could name more but I think that's enough to make my point. Not to mention all of the exclusive games which are available on the Playstation Store for a cheap buy.

    It's a shame that the 360 hasn't had much momentum for it's exclusives recently, I hope they reveal something good at E3.

  8. A while ago I made a few videos of me playing COD4 online, thought you guys might like to see them. If you watch closely you'll notice me lag when shooting people :P

    Not my best games but I do pretty good in both. If you can find them then I do 2 nice quick scopes in the first video after picking up some randoms acog'd M40.

    Sometimes I get into a bad state of rushing too hard and spraying, you'll notice that in these videos. Also I know that some of you are going to 'lol' when you here me get angry at the game or when I talk to my parents!

  9. New trailer is awesome. Also, that semi-auto shotgun, isn't that the same one from Lost and Damned? If so, awesome!

    The one from TLaD was a grenade launcher, not a shotgun. They both use round drums though.

  10. I'm pretty sure that's 100% fake. First of all, they used the PS2 font when they wrote PS3 and it also looked like shit. It's way too early for the PS3 slim, maybe a price cut? A price cut is all they really need to beat the 360.

  11. Reminds me of the G36.

    I hope this time the multiplayer contains almost all of the weapons and attachements which are found in the campaign, would have more variety than just 5 assault rifles. 10 or 15 would be amazing.

  12. The one your talking about in the first part of the trailer is a Striker. It's a semi-automatic shotgun with a drum system for storing ammo.


    Uploading the trailer onto youtube now, there's only one other video on there at the moment so I thought that I might as well. Hopefully I'll get more people viewing my videos.

  13. I'm mostly looking forward to Sony's show, apparently it's going to be their best one yet. Some more MW2 details would be nice aswell.

  14. True. I would probably only get it for a game which has gotten high reviews, but that doesn't mostly happen with games based of movies. But aimed more at the little kids as there usually the ones who buy these games most.

  15. The reason I say PS3 Game is because it is currently the only console which has Blu-Ray. Anyway, what I was thinking with this idea was that when they release games which are based off movie's (Spiderman for example) they would use the Blu-Ray to their advantage and not only include the PS3 version of the game but also have a copy of the Blu-Ray movie on the disc too. They could sell the game and movie on the same Blu-Ray disc for maybe £60 (if you say that the original price of the game would have retailed for £40, increase by either £10 or £20). This would make me much more encouraged to buy the game as I'm saving money, and I can get a copy of the Blu-Ray movie too.

    What do you guys think? Of course it will probably never happen but I think it would be a good idea.

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