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  1. Or, if you have Firefox you can go to the Firefox add-ons page (should be in one of the bookmark folders) then you can download a program called video downloader where you can download Youtube videos, Google videos and supposedly the one of GTA IV. Here is the link for the video downloader https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/2390. NOTE: I believe that this does not work with internet explorer but only with Firefox, you can download Firefox from here http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/
  2. Ugh, I would hate real time <u>and</u> real cars. I mean I know Rockstar get some cars and change the name and the details a bit but I like Rockstar that way, then you never know what cars are going to be in the game and it surprises you aswell once you come across like the desert king or the tow truck! When i first saw the Tow Truck on SA, I was towing every car in sight. Very good ideas. Oh yeh and Real Time is gay, you have to wait like 10 hours for daylight to come, plus different time zones would be a pain.
  3. I can't describe how excited I am, I'm going to film it! It is going to be amazing...
  4. I don't know about this.. Of course Rockstar is going to have an online multiplayer feature or 2 controller split screen on the game but will the whole game be based on Multiplayer? I didn't really understand what you said if you meant the whole game was multiplayer or if it was just an extra.
  5. Man i wish I had that tv channel, I will definitely be watching on the last hour, the countdown ends at 1 in the morning for me on a Thursday, yes no school the next day! I probably won't get to sleep for ages! 1 Day, 10 Hours and 24 Minutes!
  6. It shouldn't be based in a country like the getaway was. It should have a san andreas atmosphere and I mean San Andreas was and still is the greatest game of all time. I mean you have a country, city, beach and desert wastelands with endless cars and they need to bring the car mod shops back in aswell as the bike skill and plane skill aswell. I will be very disappointed with the game if it doesn't. I liked the gangster theme but they took it a bit over the top i have to agree, but vice city stories, I mean the character is far too wimpy. Sorry if I went a bit off-topic, oh and i think it should be set in 2006 maybe or 1995... Or just somewhere in between. Edit: They should just keep with the san andreas player customization as its great and if you changed your colour looks etc then the actors voice wouldn't fit in possibly.
  7. I'm liking this terrorist idea, who says it has to be Korean etc, why not just random peds who are rebelling against other gangs in a terrorist way? Oh and btw, the idea of buying cars and having them insured is just gay. Sims will probably make a game for that and why would you want to just sit in a game and watch a tv episode which is very likely to be out of date.. If you want tv's and customizable features for houses then go buy Home for PS3. Gta can't have licensed cars or else there would be no damage inflicted on the cars (e.g: Need for Speed) but i mean they still make replicas, don't be expecting too much from Gta IV. People are going over the top like you can get married to your girlfriend and have a family... WTF?!?!
  8. Hello and welcome to the boards! Episodic Content is downloadable add-ons to GTA IV such as new side missions possibly and maybe some new cars. Try googling it and find out there. Oh and btw I'm not Chris.
  9. I'm sure this was mentioned in another topic but i think it just means that its going to be aired on tv too.
  10. I think you guys are getting out of hand... Champagne?!? It's only a trailer, wait till you play a bit of the game, then pause and open the bottle! 3 Days, 8 Hours and 20 Minutes!!
  11. San Andreas, but my PS2 broke and I can't play it anymore which sucks. Hoping to buy it for pc and then getting a controller usb
  12. I'm not sure, I love all the customization features. Playing pool sounds like fun but i live in Qatar in the Middle East and i was wondering, will it actually let me access the home world? Or is it only for America/Europe? I have wireless set up in my house and everything...
  13. *Shudders* I dread alot of spam in this but if sony can keep it under control its going to be great. Oh and i doubt it will be 18+, i mean its hardly gta is it. Maybe 15+ Which aint a problem.
  14. Mpilk901

    Rumor: PSP 2 ?

    Why would you need a camera anyway... and the touchscreen, its pretty pointless for all the games. It doesn't really need internal memory and they wont make it have it anyway. Maybe a nice web browser so you can watch videos on youtube as you can't cause of the flash. And well just some other things would be nice. I don't know about double shoulder pads though, i mean go feel your psp and have two fingers on pads, kind of annoying to hold but maybe if they swapped the joysticks places with the d-pad... It would look kind of gay though
  15. That Beatles one is just messed, scared the hell out of me, so did the fire on high.
  16. Just a little yes... Yeh I'm 13 but I'm 14 in April, some people say i look 15 And yes, i do snowboard!
  17. Hey everyone, you might have seen some of my comments in the GTA IV board already but I'm like a day old and never came here so hi everyone! PS: I want San Andreas for computer, you can download such cool stuff! Anyway later.
  18. I got the first bit but I guess i didn't know the rest of the games.
  19. I really don't know.. I mean my uncle has a ps2 and he still plays games on it, he knows about the wii and the ps3 aswell but all his kids are like just leaving university and getting married. I think it would still be a big part of my life, but of course it would depends on my work hours, responsibility etc. So basically what i just said in that mini paragraph is... I DON'T KNOW!
  20. I know that the other playstation models have lasted for about 6/7 years but i think the PS3 will go for around 9/10, just my opinion but I'm not sure. They will probably make a PS3 slim thing which has less options so it cost less but still has blu-ray and wireless thing which will make Sony's comeback, but I don't expect that for a bit. Off Topic: What is so 360 about the Xbox 360? I mean its a box! And whats so "X" about it anymore? Haha i think they should of thought a bit longer about that name..
  21. Classic Metal is the best in my opinion, i was a big fan of V Rock
  22. Haha you got owned GiftedMisfit
  23. Why would you want Bigfoot in the game? I mean San Andreas there was a huge rumour going around and nobody can really prove it but it would be a bad idea to have the same monster in the new game, but something secret like a Bigfoot would be good. For example, Gta 4 would pick a random day of the week on your ps3's time clock and a random time and if you looked at certain places in the forest or desert or whatever then it would pop out. This way it would be alot harder to find them and people wouldn't just say that you should go to the desert at 4:00 and you'll see him cause that spoils the mystery for you! This way you can find him on your own! Please reply to this and tell me what you think.
  24. Why do people want to merge all the old games into one big one? I mean don't you want something different? London i think would be too liberty city like, its mainly just city and other things. What i loved about San Andreas was it was like a City/Country/Seaside/Desert, it was a really nice environment. Mount Chilliad was also a very nice addition plus the ghost towns in the badlands. Which leads to my conclusion: I know that most of you want a real country and everything but honestly, wouldn't that be kind of boring? I think they should have an Australian style because it is much like san andreas theme. Roaming from Badlands, to the Country Side, and then to the City and maybe even the beach. No I am not Australian nor do i live there but i just love the idea like this. and as i saw mentioned earlier on in another topic that GTA IV might be 3x the size of san andreas! Maybe a bit too big but 2x would be a nice touch i think. This is my first comment too!
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