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  1. _RiCaN_

    Who rockstar based Brucie on

    lol that was funny when i clicked the link
  2. _RiCaN_

    Favorite Car?

    mine is the turismo..scissor doors :]
  3. _RiCaN_

    issue with bernie

    why is his letter "B" still on my map once i finish his missions?? i went to it and i cant interact with him anymore and he doesnt pick up his phone
  4. _RiCaN_

    Trunk? (spoiler)

    cant but it would be tight as hell
  5. _RiCaN_

    GTA 4 Difficult?

    a bit too easy..but then again i used cheats :]
  6. _RiCaN_

    Whats missing that you wanted

    i agree. i always jump out the annihilator by accident and plummet to my death
  7. _RiCaN_

    Hints and Tips for GTA IV

    the atm thing is kind of pointless dont you think? unless you DESPERATLY need the money...because in this game i found that you have a ton of excess money that you really cant use..u cant buy houses or businesses anymore like in vice city and san andreas as everyone knows. i had like 600,000$ or so at the end of the game and used probably like 20,000 tops throughout the course of the whole single player. you can get 20,000 after completing a few missions.
  8. _RiCaN_


    i heard something about katt williams doing a stand up on gta4.. im not sure if it was in the cabaret club though
  9. _RiCaN_


    how do you find the cars he wants you to get to him? they arent marked on the map. kinda hard to find then huh?
  10. _RiCaN_

    Lola the Prostitute

    wolvespat is funny ROFL
  11. _RiCaN_

    Ghost of Kate (Spoiler)

    hasnt happened to me..packie jus called me saying crying about her
  12. _RiCaN_

    Still fucked up collisions...

    wow i never realized that..u make an excellent point
  13. _RiCaN_

    Funnest vehicle

    the infernus and the bus...def the bus if you wanna have some fun plowing through ppl untouched
  14. _RiCaN_

    So What Do You Not Like? !SPOILERS!

    lol i feel you on that it is really annoying
  15. _RiCaN_

    Introduce Yourself..

    hey guys jus joined. great site