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  1. I wish American Sniper won more than one, thats liberal Hollywood for ya!
  2. aemboy15


    Joined in 05. My Civic gets ok MPG as long as I stay out of boost...almost imposible haha
  3. Glock 18, i have a thing for them Tupac or Biggie
  4. aemboy15


    Oh snap, looks like I'm posting again too.
  5. Bone Thugs N Harmont - Thuggish Ruggish Bone
  6. Some Tags in a apartment complex called Bay Side in Newport RI.
  7. Wow, sucks to be you. Haha, I cant even imagine my mom doing that.
  8. Happy Birthday guys, I'll be shure to get trashed for you!
  9. 983: Ever make the Gang Section active again.
  10. Thanks for the comment, it was over a year ago but i never said thanks lol. Good looks. Peace.

  11. Me and my boys from MCT. (Thowing up 3rd RTB Kilo Company) Another MCT Pic LCPL Alonso and Me (I was fuckin' cold) Mardi Gras at Pensacola Beach
  12. Sweet thanks, I'm sending the money.
  13. Hey I need a sig for the Nine Trey Mafiya. Do whatever you want as long as its San Andreas gangsters in red. Thanks man.
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