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  1. Lol I have not posted in a while, I didn't think anyone would make a topic for me.
  2. Chino XL featuring: B Real (Cypress Hill) - Last Laugh
  3. w00t w00t teh l337 postz!!11
  4. Thanks guys! Damn Sky your a Admin now? Last time I was here you were a Super Mod I belive.
  5. What's up TGTAP I'm back!!!.......AGAIN!!!
  6. Haha yeah. I'll be back... [/Arnold]
  7. Well, now I'm leaving again to go to Boot Camp tonight... See ya guys in three months.
  8. Lol, yes... "The Bloodz"... I rember you but I was never in KFM, just DS. kokane: Thank you... Gycu Brum: Yeah I was here a LONG time ago...
  9. Chilln chilln like a villn. I'm so cool...
  10. aemboy15

    Forza 2 Thread

    Sorry for the bump but...
  11. I am the awsome aemboy15. lol, I was here for years then just stopped comming.
  12. Like forever lol. I use to never wear them but then I was like, "Hey, I wonder what its like to see..."
  13. I'm a Honda guy all the way...
  14. I am Eminem, but only not realy at all. Thanks though.
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