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  1. Crime Connection - Cormega ft. Mobb Deep
  2. I is back. Tell some friends. Anyway I back snitches! Well I'm just back untill I leave for Bootcamp on Sunday but YAY for now! Edit: Going to Boot Camp today...
  3. I guess when he woke up he was coughing a could not breath. The ambulance came and he started to uncontroably vomit. When he got to the hospital he was dead. It sucks.
  4. Well another of my friends died a few days ago. I just feel like I needed to post it. RIP Corey :'(
  5. Yup, I enlisted on Thursday. @ SkyliИe^ : Everyone I know that has been to boot camp said that TV and Movies make it look harder then it actualy is. I cant wait but I am still nervous.
  6. Thanks everyone. @ Chris, I did mean 2007 lol. Thanks again guys.
  7. Well, some of you rember the post I made over the summer titled "My Last Summer?" Well I went through with it and I enlisted in the United States Marines yesterday at the MEPS Center in Boston. My Boot Camp date is July 9th, 2006, I am still in school. Wish me luck.
  8. I would like a sig/avatar set, should I PM you what I want or post it?
  9. PC (Getting Fixed), N64, Xbox, Xbox 360, and PS2.
  10. I do sometimes but usualy someone I am with has a knife or a gun so I dont realy sweat it.
  11. I listen to... The Game Biggy Tupac Chino XL Canibus Papoose Immortal Technique Geto Boyz N.W.A Bone Thugs N Harmony Gangstarr Jay Z Nas Sam Scarfo KRS One Wu Tang Clan Westside Connection Luniz Jadakiss Ice T Crooked I Thats all I feel like typeing
  12. Immortal Technique - Creation and Destruction
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