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Found 8 results

  1. Here we can make our own, Team to reseach myths in GTA san andreas, Mysteries and legends, Please do not edit pics in anyway. Thank you This page is yet active. So post here..
  2. https://imgur.com/a/AtuljLc getting this issue in game. it seems like the lod is loading and de-loading rapidly i already tried the memory fix and the game is downgraded and running an ai upscale
  3. You can see the dead bodies of NPCs cooling down if you look at them with Thermal Goggles https://youtu.be/3znlo-jozNA
  4. I downloaded GTA San Andreas with some mods that in the past worked perfectly and now when i play for 2-3 minutes it freezes and i get the error "gta_sa.exe has stopped working". I tried solutions that are on the internet and still the same error. I installed Ultimate Asi Loader and Open Limit Adjuster (StreamMemory fixes too) but i still get that error. Can someone help me ? Note : I use Windows 7
  5. Figured out this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASj38EZ4Qi4
  6. Special Vehicle Properties Legend: BP = Bullet Proof (The Vehicle Is Immune to Bullets Except the Tires) DP or CP = Damage Proof or Crash Proof (The Vehicle Takes No Damage from Collisions or Crashing Your Vehicle) EP = Explosion Proof (No Amount of Explosives Will Destroy the Vehicle) FP = Fire Proof (No Amount of Fires Will Destroy the Vehicle) MP = Melee Proof (No Melee Weapon Will Harm the Vehicle) AP or FI = All Proof or Full Immune (Refers to When a Vehicle Is BP/DP/EP/FP/MP Simultaneously; Can Only Be Destroyed if Tipped Upside Down, the Use of Blow Up All Cars Cheat, or You Perform the Parachute Glitch on It) EC or UC = Exclusive Color or Unique Color (This Color Can Not Be Found in Traffic and No Pay and Spray Can Duplicate It) EC2 or UC2 = Exclusive Secondary Color or Unique Secondary Color (Usually Is Completely Invisible and Can Only Be Seen Through Save Editors) Unique = Refers to a Vehicle Which Can Only Be Found in One or a Couple Story Missions. You Will Not Find This Vehicle in Traffic Ever and Nowhere Else in the Entire Game Special Vehicle Difficulty Legend: * - Very Easy ** - Easy *** - Medium **** - Hard ***** - Very Hard Special Vehicle List (In Order of When They Come Up in the Story): 1.0. EC Black Perennial 1.1. AP Tampa 1.2. AP PCJ-600 1.3. AP Sanchez (1 of 2) 1.4. AP Packer 1.5. AP Sultan 1.6. DP/EP/FP BF-400 1.7. DP/EP/FP/MP BF-400 1.8. EC (Any Color You Want) Mutant BF-400 1.9. EC (Color?) Nebula 1 2.0. EC (Color?) Nebula 2 2.1. EC (Color?) Nebula 3 2.2. EC Army Green Mesa 2.3. BP Forklift 2.4. EP Mule 2.5. EC Dark Green Pony with Off-Road Tires 2.6. BP/FP Voodoo 2.7. BP/FP Tahoma 2.8. EP/FP Vehicles (Anything You Want) 2.9. EP Banshee 3.0. AP Admiral (1 of 3) 3.1. AP/EC2 Admiral (2 of 3) 3.2. AP HPV-1000 (1 of 2) 3.3. DP/EP/FP/MP Police 3.4. Mutant Greenwood 3.5. AP/EC2 Bravura 3.6. AP Sentinel (1 of 2) 3.7. AP Sanchez (2 of 2) 3.8. BP Tanker 3.9. AP Tanker Trailer 4.0. AP Sabre 4.1. AP Sadler 4.2. AP HPV-1000 (2 of 2) 4.3. BP/EP/FP/MP/EC2 Fortune 4.4. BP/EP/FP/MP/EC2 Elegy 4.5. BP/EP/FP/MP Patriot 4.6. Unique/AP RC Raider 4.7. AP Merit 4.8. AP Savanna 4.9. ***AP/EC2 Picador*** 5.0. EC Brown Camper 5.1. AP FCR-900 5.2. AP Boxville 5.3. EC Chrome Yellow Burrito 5.4. AP Sentinel (2 of 2) 5.5. DP/EP/FP/MP Rancher 5.6. AP Maverick (1 of 3) 5.7. DP/FP Rumpo 5.8. EC Black Stretch 5.9. EC Green Pizza Boy 6.0. AP/EC Blue Maverick (2 of 3) 6.1. EC Light Blue Pony 6.2. DP Leviathan 6.3. EC Black Maverick 6.4. AP Mothership 6.5. AP/EC2 Admiral (3 of 3) 6.6. EC Green Packer 6.7. BP/MP Walton 6.8. AP Buffalo (1 of 2) 6.9. AP Maverick (3 of 3) 7.0. AP/EC2 Buffalo (2 of 2) 7.1. AP/EC White Newsvan 7.2. EC Red and Black BF Injection 7.3. AP/EC Black and White Vortex 7.4. AP/EC White Vortex 7.5. AP Infernus 7.6. EC White Camper 7.7. AP Glendale 7.8. Unique/BP/FP S.W.A.T. 7.9. AP Greenwood 8.0. AP/EC2 Feltzer (1 of 2) 8.1. AP Fire Truck 8.2. AP Bandito 8.3. AP Hustler 8.4. AP Monster 8.5. AP Ranger 8.6. AP Romero 8.7. AP Feltzer (2 of 2)
  7. I like to give my 100% completion files for PC with collecting rare and special vehicles. Download it and enjoy. I will tell where all of special vehicles are located. 1.) Ganton - BP/FP S.W.A.T 2.) Santa Maria Beach - EP Mule, Black Perennial, AP PCJ-600 3.) El Corona - AP Tampa, BP/FP/EP Savanna, AP Sultan, BP Forklift 4.) Mulholland - AP Sanchez, BP/FP Tahoma, FP Greenwood, AP Admiral 5.) Palomino Creek - AP HPV-1000, BP/FP/EP/MP Elegy, BP/FP/EP/MP Fortune 6.) Dilimore - AP Sadler, FP/EP/DP/MP BF-400 7.) Doherty - Black Stretch, EP Camper (The Mothership) 8.) Paradiso - Chrome Yellow Burrito, Brown Khaki Camper, AP Feltzer 9.) Hashbury - AP Merit, FP/EP/DP/MP Rancher, AP Firetruck II, FP/DP/MP Rumpo 10.) Calton Heights - AP Boxville, Green Pizzaboy, AP Sentinel, AP FCR-900 with Red Rim 11.) Verdant Meadows - Black Bobcat, AP Maverick, AP Maverick, AP Camper (The Mothership) 12.) Verdant Meadows Hangar - Green Packer, AP Packer 13.) Fort Cartson - AP Infernus, Berkley's RC Van, AP Sabre 14.) Whitewood Estates - BP Walton, AP Buffalo 15.) Redsand Wests - AP Admiral, EP Admiral 16.) Rochshore West - AP Greenwood, AP Sentinel, Red Black BF Injection 17.) Prickle Pine - AP Buffalo, AP Newsvan, AP Vortex, AP Glendale Never Busted! Weapons: Unarmed, Katana, Desert Eagle, Sawnoff Shotgun, Micro SMG, AK-47, Sniper Riffle, Vulcan Mini Gun, Tear Gas, Camera, Cane, Night-Vision Goggles. Criminal Rating: OG (208421) Here are download Links: http://gtasnp.com/593BYV or http://www.mediafire.com/download/d9lk5e1px6avl73/ NOTE: I NO USE Garage Editor to get these Special Vehicles!
  8. Hey guys im new around here and I went here to ask for help because I have been working with gmax on new haircuts and I dont have problems exporting or importing them , The problem is that when I put them into San Andreas and go to barber shop it gives me error when I try to use the haircut i edited why is that? I will appreciate your help !!
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