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The Fully Cocked Gun Shop [Closed]


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Welcome to the Fully Cocked Gun Shop made by the same one that made the Tooled Up store somewhere around here. Now, we're upgrading to more heavy duty weapons and some of the more expensive weapons are at a smaller price than the all popular Vice Point Mall's (IBStore's) weapons with discounts on the Tear Gas, M60, Minigun, and Chromed Shotgun.

This may be reopened if I feel like selling anything else in the future.

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OK forget the list of guns I want beafore here is the new one:


1 Minigun..................2000$=2000$

2 Chromed Shotgun....350$=700$

1 Tear Gas................200$=200$

To pay.............................2900$


If is possible because of packet 10% cheaper

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Cro: some advice, earning your first 5 thousand takes a long time. That because of the intrest and stuff. Most of your money comes by interest. If I was you I'd wait untill I had a decent amount.

Wu-Zi-Mu: I don't want to be mean :mellow: But if someone is willing to pay more, they win. But ok, you can have the tear gas.

I'll take the minigun :)

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Lol, I should've known I shouldn't have named this the Fully Cocked Gun Shop. :P

Anyway, Wu-Zi said he'll just take the 2 Colt Pythons but he did say he wanted the Tear Gas first so if you still want that, you can buy it.

If Wu-Zi doesn't want the Tear Gas, then I can sell it to Jace along with the Minigun for $2,150 since you posted next.

And Cro, I can't sell you the Minigun since Jace posted before you and in your next post, you said you wanted the Chromed Shotguns which I can sell to you but Wu-Zi already called the Tear Gas, but then it might go to Jace because Wu-Zi says he only wants the Pythons and then Jace says Wu-Zi can get the Tear Gas. :wacko:

I'm really confused so you three will have to sort that out before I can sell anything. :mellow:

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Ok I read all the posts and you guys are all really confused.So since I am really that bad I am going to buy all of your weapons Rashon, If that is alright with you ;) To my calculations I count: $8100

I will send the money whenever you reply.

P.s. Do I get a discount :P

There's a chance I can't do that.

Alright, let's put it this way: Jace gets the minigun, Wu-Zi-Mu gets the Tear Gas and both Colt Pythons, Cro gets both the Chromed Shotguns (Since he said forget about the M60), and Ciaran gets everything else (Both AKs, M60). That's based on who requested weapons first.

Everyone happy?

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