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Depends what controls you're using.

The PS2 controller is simple really, just hold X to accelerate and physically move the plane with the left analog stick. You use the L2 and R2 buttons to move the rudders, but not the plane itself.

The PC keyboard/mouse controls are a bit more difficult. You hold W to accelerate, move the plane around without changing its pitch with the A and D keys, and change the plane's pitch/yaw/roll with the mouse.

The Xbox is similar to the PS2's configuration I'd imagine.

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PC ftw, I'm using PC and it's a real pain in the ass to fly around.

Turning... Q/E for that thing and then what else cause otherwise it goes too slow.

this works good enough for me :

W for throttle

S for less throttle

A and D pitch sideways

UP arrow for dive

DOWN arrow for up

LEFT RIGHT arrows same as A and D

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