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Paris Hilton Get's Busted!

Paris Hilton Get's Busted!!  

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  1. 1. Does Paris hilton deserve to get busted?

    • Yes, she's a dumb slut
    • Nope.

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Nice, looks great, yet I'm feeling a little sorry for her...

She is only 6 years old...*Someone whispers in my ear*

WHAT?! In her 20ies, she deserves it...


Wait, you watched her porno thinking she was 6 years old? Dude that's sick.

I ment she acts like a 6 year old...I wouldn't watch a 6 year old having sex.

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Ohh...she deserves to be bashed by Every porno site!

What? A Hot Coffee controversy involving Paris Hilton? No way, but she deserves to be beaten up anyway... And Ram, about my sig, even if I made a new one (the one below this reply post), you can still make me one and give it to me, since I hope yours would be better... :D

EDIT: I'm in the signature, the guy with the baseball cap and dual Ingram guns...

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